Wednesday, June 2, 2010

us vs aus

***I would like to start this post with a disclaimer to all the boys holding down Windonesia and keepin the shred alive...

Soo I'm surf stoked again and I can thank my time spent in Oz. It was an epic trip and great to travel to the roots of froth. I spent my time on the east coast from the idyllic warm sharky waters of Byron down to the frigid sharky waters of Melbourne/Torquay. Each place had its own vibe but shared a wealth of quality surf. Crap days there would compare with a mad decent Porto session and the level of shred reflected it. I thought I'd give a little shout out to some of the lads along the way, starting with AMPAL/CRAP distributor Mike Hayes.

Mike Hayes shown here boostin straight outta Curly.

Tommy Myers - mad man in and out of the water, holding it down for the younger generation in Freshy.

10 hours south is the Melbourne/Torquay area. Its a lot colder here, and definitely a more raw feel than Sydney. Cam - Melb's insight rep rips on all sorts of boards.

Returning north to Byron, located an hour below the goldy is probably the favorite place I visited. Here I scored the best waves of my trip and there were some of the most utopian surf setups I've been blessed by Poseidon to encounter. Of course the lad's here rip.

Jono - ripper in the water, the party, and the biz world

Minky - steezin here - and Meggery - seen boostin in the first pic - are the Stikler lords, Byrons Irons bros.

I brought my Flip HD and water housing down there and the lads frothed on it. They quickly ordered their own and made this rad shred flick.


Even though Oz has amazing surf and a talented pool of surfers at every turn...
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