Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seeworthy Project

Life, it comes and goes in waves.  Like the time I thought I was gonna be a famous rapper after I lit SB/LA on fire with "I Came To Party"?  Yeah, I'm still awaiting that call from Shug Knight or P-Diddy...  Or the time when I thought that my lizard faced ways with Grenade Gloves would wreak havoc all over the action sports world and I'd be an overnight celeb doin shneex with Paris and Li-Lo the next day?  Didn't happen.  Or the time I dreamt that the videos I edited for the Nike Lowers comp got on Surfline and on the ASP site as well as the Hobgoods blog ?  Oh wait, I think that's the actual only dream of mine (besides getting weird in a forest with a cougar) that's recently come true!  And who do I have to thank for all of it?  My good buddy Chris over at Seeworthy Project of course!

If you haven't checked out the Seeworthy Project site, well then you probably don't surf and/or you don't go on Surfline enough to know that they're makin moves and they're doin it the right way!  Not only has Chris and a few of his mates onboard the Project, produced some pristine quality and highly entertaining vids, they've maintained to keep it roots by not being corpo aceholes and keeping it real  (or reel in this case).  The Seeworthy Project is all about content for surfers by surfers to keep us surfing!  However, the Project isn't necessarily limited to only surfing but, as they put it: "the Seeworthy Project has become a creative environment that harbors any and all ideas that will lead to things worth seeing."  

So if you've got a sec, check out the site and peep the vids (some of which were edited by yours truly) as well as peep their new Surfline video feature called: "Summer School: Learning Different Aerials".  The feature features a vid featuring some of the best boosters in the biz teaching you how to land (what Kolohe refers to "is as standard as a cutback these days") your first air reverse!  Poseidon knows I've already watched the vid 12 times and am gonna try the tactics out on the playground tomorrow.  If I succeed and land my first air-revo, once again, I'll have the Seeworthy Project to thank!  

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