Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Guest Editor Tweak Week

If you couldn't tell already, I've been lagging on posts.  Why?  Cause I got farking kidnapped by a bunch of fruity ass candy kids this last Friday and was breast fed freejoles, brutally slashed with nun-chucks made of Tasmanian fruit bats, and awoke in an abandoned field with nothing but a loin cloth, my retainer, and a bag of apple fritters just this morning.  Finally, the numbness in my delts has gone away and I'm ready to start living my life again.  Unfortunately, I'm not so sure that I'll be able to switch my mind into freak mode as easily as I usually can.

Doc says it should be about a week until I start feelin normal again (normal in my case of course is what normal humans would define as "weird").  So I've decided to reach out to my closest friends, confidants, comrades, disciples, mentors, and enablers in search of an extra hand until I get back on my feet.  So this week, I am honored to announce my first ever guest editor: Mr. Po-leanz aka "Quick Hands Luey" (the artist formerly known as Coco Kai).

Mini Myrt Monday teaser for all you horn balls out there
Po will be taking the reigns for a few days and will also be taking you all on the ride of your life!  With an extensive background in shralping, myrting, and frothing it's safe to say that this man will not steer you wrong (if he so does, I know where he sleeps and I will find him and crush him).  Anyways, enough ramble jamble (I salute those of you who have made it this far), it's time to unleash the beast and let the freak out of the cage!  Po, take it away my friend!  

PS, I'm filtering through my overflowing inbox of Mystery Myrtle Monday submissions and have only gotten through about a quarter of 'em (30 out of 232) but will post a new one next Monday since you were all probably boozing yesterday anyways!  Here's a freak vid to tide you over until my return:

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