Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Front & Center

Fack, so last night, I was doing a post about another post and wanted to link another post to that post but then I landed on a blog while blogging outside of blogger and got lost in a storm of blog 'n trog confusion, that is until...

I came across a new SAH ElectroHell video!  Not only, did I (apparently) have a great time frothing to the ElectroHell tunes of Spank Rock and getting weird with MIA's cousin (claimjumper), but I also now get the pleasure of seeing what an idiot I look like amidst a drunken sea of fellow hipsters!  My favorite part about this video (other than the "we want some pussy" chant at 3:53) is the fact that I didn't have to lay a single finger on a camera, a slate, a nerdbot keyboard, and no computer monitors were punched in the frustrating editing process, cause I didn't do shit other than keep it weird!  So go ahead and check it out, laugh, poke fun, tease, and quiver in disgust at da weirdness, cause we all know I've already done so.  I can't wait for the youtube squatters to hate...

Big Ups to Danny Johnson and the boyz of Media Contender for throwing such an epic event !  Rooots!

ps MIA's cousin: please tell Kimmy (Kardash) her thong makes for a great antenna flag...
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