Friday, June 18, 2010

Exit Through The Gift Shop

Went to a super sick documentary last night called Exit Through The Gift Shop which was made by one of my favorite artists of all time.  Who?  Non other than lil buddy Banksy of course!  Banksy does street art and installment pieces all over the world.  His shit is sick and any one who begs to differ can go eat a dick.

The film explores the street-art revolution that went down all over the world and all of the big players who were and still are kickin ass and takin names within said realm!  I'm tired, there's riots going on outside my window, I'm faded from drinking Zimas and watching mainstream sports with my meathead friends all day, so just take my word for it and buy yourself a damn ticket to this film!  You won't regret it!  In the meantime watch the trailer fool:

ps: if you're reading this on Friday: Get Yo Dick Wet Son!
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