Friday, June 11, 2010

DR > Slater

 This is why Dane > Kelly. Dane is human. You never see Slater faltering.

The White Knight is always shown slaying ridiculous waves, dating super models, conquering - KING SLATES. Slater was on the next level, 99% of surfers can't relate to him. Although, Kelly has been showing a more human side lately, he will always be King Slates.

On the other side of Quiksilver's master marketing machine is Dane. On his blog it shows him surfing average California surf* (mad decent LA surf, but average for LJ/Ventura/SB/SC etc). These are the best videos to watch before going to your average crap day of surf in LA. DR absolutely shreds, but the waves are realistic and sometimes he falls.

DR had to sacrifice his board to not eat shit on the pier. That's something that would happen to me and I know has happened to Hsoj.

Of course this might be a masterminded plan by Quik, but Id like to think it isn't.

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