Friday, June 18, 2010


My homie and fellow nerdbot frother over at Windowseat who goes by the name of Devo (DVNO Four Capital Letters, Written In Gold) has just released his beast! No, his pomeranian is not runnin around rabid chompin on bandwagon basketball fans, he just dropped his snowboard flick that he's been so diligently workin on for the past few years. Check out his movie below called: Diaspora, but don't complain to me when his movie gets you all frothed out as you get your snow gear on, call up some hill bunny cougs, and start sippin your Irish Coffee only to realize that it's summer and the closest thing to snow is on Lindsay Lohan's mirrored coffee table...

Check out the weirdness yo!

Diaspora from Matt Devino on Vimeo.
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