Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Myrtles Remember Me

Super busy this week juggling jugs and various nerdbot projects but check out this ol' diddy and keep yourself entertained for a few days with red tube or Yahtzee or tic tac toe for all I care!  Hangman is fun too...

Name that vid part...
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Help Me Help You

It's summer time and I'm doing some spring cleaning over here at Surf Ambassador Hendo.  Since the conception of this beast about two years ago on a drunken whiskey dick night, the blog has grown quite a bit from an ugly whining baby looking for a nutritious nip to drink into a dignified pubescent adolescent looking for a double D-cup to suck (or at least cop a feel).

Along the way, I've added new features like weekly things that are sure to get your froth on in more ways than one (music, videos,  fashion, events, bars, and even food for Poseidon's sake!).  I've done a few videos here and there to not only educate but also to entice, entertain, and demolish the little self dignity I have left.  I also even took a spin into the DJ world and attempted to make what others would call a "mixtape ", I just call it a piece of shit that may sometimes (when played in a dark alley on a Tuesday) get my fist frothing.

Anyways, as I sit here at a fork in the road, I can't help but wonder which path to take next?  Should I go for that fat chick and hope that her hot friend gets jealous and snags me away or should I go all out and put 5 grand on red?   The answers aren't so clear without your help.  I'm not asking you to participate in a choose your own adventure here but I am asking for a little bit of feedback.  Without any feedback from my viewers (the 4 of you out there) it's not exactly easy for me to improve or expand (kinda like my first sexual experience; "is it in yet? do you feel that?").  Believe it or not but I do put a lot of time and effort into this baby so the very least you could do is please send me an email (SurfAmbassadorHendo@gmail.com) or leave a comment giving my ass some constructive (or destructive) criticism.

How do you want it?  Do you like it when I talk dirty to you gurrrlll?  What do you like?  What don't you like?  What's funny?  What's stupid? What do you think I should add?  What do you think I should take down?

Even the slightest: "fuck off you're a kook" will be sufficient.  Anything is better than nothing.
If (by some miracle) you actually enjoy the weirdness that is SAH.com, please click on the follow button on the right hand side of the page as well as "like" the facebook group and spread the word to your friends!  I mean, for facks sake, I've only gotten one groupie squid-lips outa this whole thing...
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

SAH's 5 Things NOT To Do Before Surfing

For those of you who forgot/didn't know, Sunday was Father's Day as well as International Go Surfing Day (Love You Dad!).  As you can tell in the post bellow, I did enough celebrating for my Dad, the ocean, and the 4 year old kid who showed up at my doorstep to wish me a happy Father's day? (see pic above: fackkkk).  Needless to say, Saturday was a myrtflix night (myrt + netflix + Alize etc).

Rested, relaxed, and resolved, I got up on Sunday ready to join all the rest of the kooks at the closest beach with the slightest hair of swell in the water; yours and my favorite; good ol' El facking Porto!  Before hopping in my heapa, I grabbed a cheese kegel umm I mean bagel toasted with cream cheese and a mocha late (extra froth hold the foam, I got places to go son!).  Food scarfed, late pounded, ready to froth.

As I began to paddle out, I noticed the gnarliest churning sensation going on in my stomach (much worse than the time I took a shot of Simple Green [true story dot com]) and way worse than the ten pound shit I once took at a club in Vegas (true story dot edu).  As I slowly slithered out into the line up like a wounded fawn with down syndrome, it hit me like a ton of bricks!  "That fucking bagel and mocha froth-te is slowing me down like a trog in heat!!"  To make a long story short I got to thinking about all the times I've suffered in the water from poor pre-surf tactics and thus I decided to make a list.  The list is lost but I remember most of the things I wanted to say.  Without further adieu, I present you:

SAH's 5 Things NOT To Do Before Surfing: 

1.)  Participate in utter gluttony.
Several times I thought it was a splendid idea to eat a Krispy Kreme donut, froth a coff(ee), chug a redbull, and scarf 2 power bars.  The ultimate combination of strength, energy, and stamina right?  WRONG!  This might surprise you, but I've actually never taken a shit in my wetsuit or out in the line up (would you want Poseidon doing that on your bed?).  There's no worse feeling than getting a food cramp and feeling like a bloated whale while you sit in the line up and fail at standing up on every wave.  Save food, eat pussy.

2.)  Have sexual intercourse.
Everybody knows I'm still a virgin and have the smallest penis known to man butttttt I heard from a friend of a friend who once stole his dad's pornographic VHS tape that by the end of "doing the nasty", all you want to do is smoke cigarettes and go to sleep.  Unfortunately they don't make water proof cigarettes (yet) and I've tried surfing on a water bed before; it was like a fucking re-enactment of Edward Scissor hands poppin shit and spewin all over the place.  Masturbation might be ok but it's been said to kill kittens, make you go blind, and give you hairy palms.  If you enjoy those things, be my guest.  Just say no to rugs.

3.)  Smoke marijuana.
Me and Billy Clinton have a lot in common.  He has a fine pallet for cherry dipped cigars, he likes desks made of rich mahogany with a box of tissues in the top drawer, and he smoked a shitload of herb but never actually inhaled it.  The one time I smoked Mary Jane in my entire life, I of course did not inhale, but after eating 12 Nerd Ropes, I decided to go surfing.  Not only did I think I was an alien trapped inside a human body, every time I took off on a wave I stuck my hand in the fucking water hoping that dolphins would tow-at me into oncoming sections.  It wasn't until 5 hours later that I soon realized I was surfing Mission Bay...

This picture is actually from a SURFER article...
4.)  Stretch.
The one time in my life that  I actually stretched before surfing, I bent over to stretch my legs and my back got stuck like Quazimoto the hump back of Notre Lame.  Not only is stretching an urban myth that does just about as much as a Segway does for your health, it has been proven to give you pre-surf NARB's (No Apparent Reason Boner) which could be severely traumatic for both you and the rest of the beach.  Stretching leads to stretch marks, don't bring sand to the beach.

5.)  Listen to pop radio.
Sometimes I dare sample the forbidden fruit and see for myself just how shitty the radio is these days and just how shitty the songs on the top 44 billboard chart are.  Like the other day for example, I accidentally switched my analog FM car radio tuner to some pop bull shit called Amp Radio.  Upon arriving at said station, the most hideous song shot into my eardrum like a premature donkey at a glory hole!  All of a sudden it was as if Medusa herself was scraping her scales onto a chalkboard amplified by an auto tune vocalizer and blasting through my speakers.  It was Kesha and I was caught under her spell.  No matter how hard I tried to turn that dial, my hand wouldn't move and head began nodding as my lips began singing "your love, your love, your love, is my drug!"  I banged my head in agony and put 3 wads of public bathroom toilet paper in both ears.  I even pissed into my right ear to see if the ammonia would stop the pain, but to no avail.  Nothing I did would take that fucking song outta my head!  So there I was pumping down the line looking for air sections and nodding my head to "your love, your love, your love, is my druggggg".  I felt like Richard Simmons at an NRA meeting...

There you have it ladies and gentleman, thanks for coming out!
I'll be here all week!
Try the veal!
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Front & Center

Fack, so last night, I was doing a post about another post and wanted to link another post to that post but then I landed on a blog while blogging outside of blogger and got lost in a storm of blog 'n trog confusion, that is until...

I came across a new SAH ElectroHell video!  Not only, did I (apparently) have a great time frothing to the ElectroHell tunes of Spank Rock and getting weird with MIA's cousin (claimjumper), but I also now get the pleasure of seeing what an idiot I look like amidst a drunken sea of fellow hipsters!  My favorite part about this video (other than the "we want some pussy" chant at 3:53) is the fact that I didn't have to lay a single finger on a camera, a slate, a nerdbot keyboard, and no computer monitors were punched in the frustrating editing process, cause I didn't do shit other than keep it weird!  So go ahead and check it out, laugh, poke fun, tease, and quiver in disgust at da weirdness, cause we all know I've already done so.  I can't wait for the youtube squatters to hate...

Big Ups to Danny Johnson and the boyz of Media Contender for throwing such an epic event !  Rooots!

ps MIA's cousin: please tell Kimmy (Kardash) her thong makes for a great antenna flag...
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Monday, June 21, 2010

MM: Summer Is Here

No homo, song is lame but she's on fire!

Know how I can tell that Summer is finally here?  Not only cause there's a bunch of douche bags driving around all of LA with their SUP boards strapped to their Wranglers, but more so because there's a bunch of douche bags driving around all of LA with their SUP boards strapped to their Jettas!  Oh yeah and I guess today is Summer Solstice or something like that.  Either way, I couldn't think of any better way to set you and your myrts up for Summer by supplying you with some of my favorite suits from my buddys' swimwear companies!  So whether you're a myrt yourself, have a myrt with a myrtday birtday coming up, or need to get your mom something frothy to wear when she visits me, check out some of the suits below and tell 'em Surf Ambassador Hendo sent you!  (Whether or not they give you a discount or a crazy look is all up to fate, but it never hurts to ask, riiiiiiiight?!) 

Lil diddy I cut for Chama whilst at Windowseat.  I know, it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it...

Rip Curl + O'Neill + Crap = Ultimate Summer Froth!

*Honorable Mention:
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010


My homie and fellow nerdbot frother over at Windowseat who goes by the name of Devo (DVNO Four Capital Letters, Written In Gold) has just released his beast! No, his pomeranian is not runnin around rabid chompin on bandwagon basketball fans, he just dropped his snowboard flick that he's been so diligently workin on for the past few years. Check out his movie below called: Diaspora, but don't complain to me when his movie gets you all frothed out as you get your snow gear on, call up some hill bunny cougs, and start sippin your Irish Coffee only to realize that it's summer and the closest thing to snow is on Lindsay Lohan's mirrored coffee table...

Check out the weirdness yo!

Diaspora from Matt Devino on Vimeo.
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Exit Through The Gift Shop

Went to a super sick documentary last night called Exit Through The Gift Shop which was made by one of my favorite artists of all time.  Who?  Non other than lil buddy Banksy of course!  Banksy does street art and installment pieces all over the world.  His shit is sick and any one who begs to differ can go eat a dick.

The film explores the street-art revolution that went down all over the world and all of the big players who were and still are kickin ass and takin names within said realm!  I'm tired, there's riots going on outside my window, I'm faded from drinking Zimas and watching mainstream sports with my meathead friends all day, so just take my word for it and buy yourself a damn ticket to this film!  You won't regret it!  In the meantime watch the trailer fool:

ps: if you're reading this on Friday: Get Yo Dick Wet Son!
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seeworthy Project

Life, it comes and goes in waves.  Like the time I thought I was gonna be a famous rapper after I lit SB/LA on fire with "I Came To Party"?  Yeah, I'm still awaiting that call from Shug Knight or P-Diddy...  Or the time when I thought that my lizard faced ways with Grenade Gloves would wreak havoc all over the action sports world and I'd be an overnight celeb doin shneex with Paris and Li-Lo the next day?  Didn't happen.  Or the time I dreamt that the videos I edited for the Nike Lowers comp got on Surfline and on the ASP site as well as the Hobgoods blog ?  Oh wait, I think that's the actual only dream of mine (besides getting weird in a forest with a cougar) that's recently come true!  And who do I have to thank for all of it?  My good buddy Chris over at Seeworthy Project of course!

If you haven't checked out the Seeworthy Project site, well then you probably don't surf and/or you don't go on Surfline enough to know that they're makin moves and they're doin it the right way!  Not only has Chris and a few of his mates onboard the Project, produced some pristine quality and highly entertaining vids, they've maintained to keep it roots by not being corpo aceholes and keeping it real  (or reel in this case).  The Seeworthy Project is all about content for surfers by surfers to keep us surfing!  However, the Project isn't necessarily limited to only surfing but, as they put it: "the Seeworthy Project has become a creative environment that harbors any and all ideas that will lead to things worth seeing."  

So if you've got a sec, check out the site and peep the vids (some of which were edited by yours truly) as well as peep their new Surfline video feature called: "Summer School: Learning Different Aerials".  The feature features a vid featuring some of the best boosters in the biz teaching you how to land (what Kolohe refers to "is as standard as a cutback these days") your first air reverse!  Poseidon knows I've already watched the vid 12 times and am gonna try the tactics out on the playground tomorrow.  If I succeed and land my first air-revo, once again, I'll have the Seeworthy Project to thank!  

In Tha Mix:
Metric- Help I'm Alive (Twelves Remix) 
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ElectroHell Redux; You Don't Have To Be Best Friends With Molly Ringwald To Like This Shit?

If ElectroHell were a myrt, I'd probably write it a poem something along the lines of:

It's been so long since I've seen yo pretty face beh-beh gurl!  
I ain't got much time to waste beh-beh gurl!
You've got such expensive taste beh-beh gurl!
Please don't turn my cream into paste beh-beh gurl! 

You get the point.  I've been long overdue for a frothy foot stompin/booty rompin ElectroHell post, so here it is... ElectroHell Redux; A Journey Into Sight & Sound, Lights & Music, Body & Mind, Ass & Titties... You Don't Have To Be Best Friends With Molly Ringwald To Like This Shit?

Gobble Gobble- Where Is My Mind (Pixies Blasphemy)  (BUY

IAMX- Spit It Out (Designer Drugs Remix)  (BUY)

Scissor Sisters- Invisible Light  (BUY)

Ben Mono- Jesus Was A B-Boy (Moulinex Remix)  (BUY)

Duck Sauce- The Motion (Buy)

Dizzee Rascal- Dirtee Disco

Yeasayer- One (Andrew Clarks Remix) (BUY)

Groove Armada- I Won't Kneel (Beaumont Remix)  (BUY)

Upstation- Get It On

The Bloody BeetROOTS- Dimmakmmunication  (BUY)

Poppy Seed Kegels:

Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition (RAC Remix)  (BUY)

The Joy Formidable- Whirring (BRAHMS Remix)  (BUY)

Don Diablo- A Million Miles

The Hood Internet- Rude Baptism (Rhianna vs Crystal Castles)  (BUY)

La Roux- Bullet Proof (Hyper Crush Remix)  (BUY)

Special thanx to: Guns, Po, Crido, Schitz Popinov
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Myrt Monday: Inked

Today is Sailor Jerry Day.  For those of you who don't know Sailor Jerry outside of a good and strong ass rum, he was one of the sickest and most OG tattoo artists of all time.  It's safe to say: Sailor Jerry (Keith Norman) inspired an entire style of tattoos that will forever be emulated.  His style, attention to detail, and unique creativity simply can't be beat.

The documentary film about SJ is goin down tonight in LA and there's another one tomorrow night.  I somehow won myself a few VIP passes to tonight's screening, so if you're a myrt with gigantic jugs (or an angelic voice) and wanna go, hit me up, otherwise I'm cruisin with Poseidon's Posse.  Anyways, in honor of the legend, I've decided to post up some of his classic myrtle pin-ups, enjoy:

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shaun White IS Rocky Dennis?

So Shaun White showed up to the MTV Movie awards the other night looking like Pocahontas meets Robin Hood & Men In Tights.  Sure, I'll admit, I'm fuckin uber jealous of the firing myrt he brought and probably frothed all night, a bit jealous of his boarding skills, and a bit jealous of the millions of dollars he's sittin on; but that is neither here nor there my friends.

Is it just me, or does the fawkin guy look like Rocky Dennis from the 1985 movie called Mask???  Sure he's probably one of the highest paid action sports athletes in the World, has a drawer filled with gold medals, and puts Brad Pit's six pack to shame, but take that all away and I guarantee you this chick wouldn't give him squidlips (or even a wristy for that matter) if she was shneeked out, starving for a sausage, and dying of thirst...
I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weekender Video Bender II

Couple vids to get your day/night/weekend started, the right way mannnnngggg...

Pretty ill (The Tupac vs Biggie remix called "Runnin With The XX" can't be beat though!)

How Could You?

This Gives Me An Idea...

Fist Pumping Bed Humpin ElectroHell Glory!

Dedicated To Baby Girl Keira Knightley

Kerr-azy Sex Change

T-Dawgy + Van She + Cali Waves + Stebelz Edit = InstaClassic!
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Friday, June 11, 2010

DR > Slater

 This is why Dane > Kelly. Dane is human. You never see Slater faltering.

The White Knight is always shown slaying ridiculous waves, dating super models, conquering - KING SLATES. Slater was on the next level, 99% of surfers can't relate to him. Although, Kelly has been showing a more human side lately, he will always be King Slates.

On the other side of Quiksilver's master marketing machine is Dane. On his blog it shows him surfing average California surf* (mad decent LA surf, but average for LJ/Ventura/SB/SC etc). These are the best videos to watch before going to your average crap day of surf in LA. DR absolutely shreds, but the waves are realistic and sometimes he falls.

DR had to sacrifice his board to not eat shit on the pier. That's something that would happen to me and I know has happened to Hsoj.

Of course this might be a masterminded plan by Quik, but Id like to think it isn't.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Reasons To Hate Haolewood's Involvement With Surfing

OMG BFF, seriously, like, ummm like I'm about to like facking puke!  If a hell exists, this shit ain't far from it!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blogging & How To Start A Blog

"Tupac put a cross on his back, you wanna put crosses on yo back" -50 Cent
Disclaimer:  Not intended for children below the age of 18 (who knows, the title is a bit vague).

Blogging, the art of the man/woman behind the curtain (see photo I made below).  Seems like everyone is starting a blog these days and I couldn't be more stoked!  Not only am I glad to have somehow inspired a few friends but I'm stoked because I'll have more content to write about and friends to stroke off on here!  

When I started this thing back before Nam, I never thought that people would actually give a shit about what I wrote/said/frothed/or did.  They still don't but that don't faze me, I still write and post because it's almost as if this site has become a part of me and it's also sometimes surprisingly therapeutic (especially when I rant about things that bother me like wet socks, stick figure bumper stickers, sandy wetsuits, or spooning).  Looking back now, I realize a lot of things I did right and a lot of things I did terribly wrong.  How I wish an old man Splinter such as I have become were there to guide me through the crazy maze that is blogging.  That's why I'm here today for all of you taking your first step on your Blog N' Trog journey!  Here's a few helpful hints to those of you starting a blog or thinking about starting one:

1.)  Pick a subject to blog about and DON'T stick with it! 
Surf Ambassador Hendo started off as a one trick pony as I would solely talk about shralping, frothing waves, and everything involving surfing.  When I started to diversify a bit, I noticed it was like bringing the bin of doom to a cocktail party compared to showing up with a handle of plastic vodka that no one would drink except for the true alchys.  Diversify your subjects & diversify your myrts (latinas taught me things I'd never even dreamt of, but that's another story...).

RIP BeachGoth.blogspot
2.)  Speak your mind until the feds take you down.
I used to censor myself on here and say things like "shoot" "darn it" and "to heck".  But then, a fellow frother and one of the greatest bloggers of all time who went by the name of: The Beach Goth took me and the world by storm with his utter carelessness and DGAF (Don't Give A Fuck) attitude!  This guy was a true maniac!  Not only did he embed porno clips from redtube and the likes onto his blog, he had videos about how to make shneeks and a section of his blog entitled "Girls I'd like to Kidnap and Rape."  Once I saw that rawness, I figured he pushed the limits to the extreme and made my shit look like pretty boy Justin Timberlake compared to punk rock Sid Vicious.  You'll never know boundaries until you reach the edge...    
3.)  Anything is better than nothing.
A trog in one hand is better than none with no hands...
Never would I have thought that a drunken/disturbing post about loving dolphins and wanting to get weird with them would generate me the most hits ever for a single post on my site!  I was just faded and had ran out of something mildly remarkable to say and so I just said fuck it and clicked the publish button after diarrhea came out of my brain and onto the page.  When I awoke the next morning, I was inches away from taking it down.  But then I started to notice that people stumbled across this site the most by searching for "I Love Dolphins".  Whether they wanted to land on here or not is purely fate but one thing is for certain, they wouldn't have landed on here if I didn't write anything that day.  Whether you write about frolicking in the Icelandic meadows with your sherpa, a pigeon monkey, and an old man named Jasper who whispers sweet nothings into your ear with his didgeridoo or you write about rocket science, ANYTHING is better than nothing!  

4.)  Routine builds boredom but consistency wins trophies.
Dane is truly an unforgettable legend in the surf world and I consider him to be one of the best surfers of all time.  Unfortunately, he's not consistent enough at comps and thus has yet to win a CT event or reach his true potential.  But seriously, to me, contests don't mean shit!  Bede Durbidge is one of the most consistent surfers and gets great results but unfortunately will be forgotten just as easily as Chris Brown, Jay Larson, or Phil MacDonald.

Don't be predictable in your blog posting/subjects, but don't post once every seven years unless you're Doctor Dre.  The average blog by the average person is about an average day in an average world.  Who gives a shit if you ate cheerios for breakfast, then took your dog for a walk, did some laundry, went on a jog, and then went to sleep?!  How much more interesting would that sentence be if it went something like this: "Today I poured Mickeys into my cereal, my dog bit a magician in the face, I busted a Greg Browning at the laundry mat (even though there was no one in there), ran from the cops, and then passed out in the bushes of the Playboy Mansion from frothing too many myrts"?!  Unfortunately, not a true story dot com but could be for some maniac out there and people would love to hear his/her stories because that person is doing things that we can only dream about!  Point is, be unpredictable but be consistent (at least 4 interesting/new posts a week).    

5.)  Invite me to your blogging award party if you make it and I don't.
No matter how otuta control your blog/blogging/blog character gets and no matter how much you start losing your mind (see above, what the fuck was I thinking?), don't forget your roots and the ones who made you, inspired you, and guided you along the way!  I know I have Da Dream Team, The AMPAL Creative, Crap Eyewear, Post Surf, Dion, Fish, Dane, Kerrazy, The Hobgoods, The Owl, The Beach Goth, and In Surf News to thank for inspiring me to start this thing a few years back and for continuously making me believe that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel for all the time and ran-dumb thought I've put into this heapa!  I also have someone really important to thank; YOU!  All the fans and friends out there who believe in me and my wacky/somewhat delusional world/lifestyle and bizarre vocab/thought process and ideas that somehow spit out of my brain, I have you to thank for feeding me the fuel for this fire!  THANK YOU!
It's not too much to ask, if I've inspired you, just invite me to your award/premiere/newd & lewd celeb party when you make it (I'll bring the myrts and the weird beers).

Send me an email if you have any more questions or want more advice on how to start a blog.  Note: I never said how to start a SUCCESSFUL blog, I'm still trying to figure that one out... 
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fish Goes To The Races

Been stoked to see the Fish back at it and posting some fucking hilarious shit!  Check out this vid of the incredible tale he tells about his day at the races!  True legend!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

KAIborg 2.0

The final chapter of LANDSCAPE ALTERED, Kai Neville's (of MOD COL fame) series of shorts hypin up the Kustom Air Strike.
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London Calling

Music Steez,
From the late 60s to early 80s they did a few things amazingly well across the pond.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

us vs aus

***I would like to start this post with a disclaimer to all the boys holding down Windonesia and keepin the shred alive...

Soo I'm surf stoked again and I can thank my time spent in Oz. It was an epic trip and great to travel to the roots of froth. I spent my time on the east coast from the idyllic warm sharky waters of Byron down to the frigid sharky waters of Melbourne/Torquay. Each place had its own vibe but shared a wealth of quality surf. Crap days there would compare with a mad decent Porto session and the level of shred reflected it. I thought I'd give a little shout out to some of the lads along the way, starting with AMPAL/CRAP distributor Mike Hayes.

Mike Hayes shown here boostin straight outta Curly.

Tommy Myers - mad man in and out of the water, holding it down for the younger generation in Freshy.

10 hours south is the Melbourne/Torquay area. Its a lot colder here, and definitely a more raw feel than Sydney. Cam - Melb's insight rep rips on all sorts of boards.

Returning north to Byron, located an hour below the goldy is probably the favorite place I visited. Here I scored the best waves of my trip and there were some of the most utopian surf setups I've been blessed by Poseidon to encounter. Of course the lad's here rip.

Jono - ripper in the water, the party, and the biz world

Minky - steezin here - and Meggery - seen boostin in the first pic - are the Stikler lords, Byrons Irons bros.

I brought my Flip HD and water housing down there and the lads frothed on it. They quickly ordered their own and made this rad shred flick.


Even though Oz has amazing surf and a talented pool of surfers at every turn...
DR is from California
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