Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We Like, We Like To Party

Just like the good ol' Hoff-a-leanz over there, we like to have a few suds and spirits from time to time around these parts.  With Memorial Day weekend on the horizon, the weekend calender is starting to fill up and the weather man predicts rolling black outs with a heavy chance of froth.  Here's some shit to RSVP to if you're in the Cali area this weekend and wanna froth out with your moth out; Ambassador style.  Who knows, I could very well be showin (& suckin) some face at some of these frothfests...
If you've enjoyed the tunes on here the last few weeks/months, the least you can do is pay my mentors some respect and check 'em out this friday at the AC Lounge.
Guns In The Sun at The AC Lounge; Friday, May 28th.  
Guns In The Sun RSVP

Tux and Chux: Friday May 28th @ The Echoplex
Vice Party RSVP

Swimming With Sharks: Saturday May 29th @ The Standard Downtown LA.
Swimming With Sharks RSVP

Beachwood BBQ: Saturday, May 29th @ Beachwood
BeachWood RSVP
Deadmau5 @ Intervention Sundays: Sunday May 30th @ The San Diego Hard Rock Hotel
Good Luck
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