Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Oakley Pro Junior @ Trestles Day 1 Highlights

Yo mates,
just starting to wake up a little bit just this moment. "Why so late?" you ask. "He must be hungover again" you say. Wrong and wrong my friends. I stayed up pretty late last night nerbotting and frothing the graveyard shift for the Oakley Jr Pro event. After much cutting, splicing, and dicing, I finally output a nice lil vid depicting yesterday's highlights with all da Juniors who killed it at the Oakley Jr Pro. It turned out pretty sick, click on the vid below called "OPJ Lowers Day 1 Highlights" and give it a look (this is not a joke, I really did cut this):

Music: The Dirty Secrets- 5 Feet of Snow (Miami Horror RMX)
Be on the look out for each days highlight vids cause there's a good chance the guy typing this is the one who cut it up!
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