Monday, May 24, 2010

Myrtle Monday Mystery

I know what you're thinking; "shit, SAH ran out of Myrtles to post up and is trying to take a short cut by asking for viewers to submit myrt pics".  How wrong you are my friends, how wrong you are!  Even though I probably only have a good total of 2 dedicated viewers (guy from The Big Big Lotto Team who writes me each day saying I won £100,000 {whatever the fuck that means] and creepy stalker chick who sent me her retainer/headgear double set in the mail); I thought that it's about time I get some people involved on here FOR ONCE!  So what am I doing?  I'm asking you (myrt or man) to email me ( Myrtle Monday submissions.  Here's an example to motivate you lazy freaks: 

 Sisley Treasure
Shiny Toy Guns- Starts With One (Classixx Remix)  (BUY)

The rules are simple; send me some pictures of some myrtles who are SAH steez.  The Myrts do not have to be physically attractive (see Myrtalia Mondaze V) but should have something about them that would typically catch my attention/makes them stand out of the normal crowd (i.e. great voice, cool clothing company, great surfer, World's best librarian, sex tape with Ray J etc...).  Basically, we're looking for women of character who are strong willed, passionate, and follow their dreams (i.e. idols that motivate people male or female).  Send me a pic and a song if the myrt or myrts you choose are musically talented (or send an example of their specific talent).    

If you are a myrt yourself and would like to send in a submission, feel free to send me a pic along with your special talent (umm yea, I know, sounds super creepy) and my board of directors will go ahead and review your submission and post accordingly, just please don't send me your retainer or headgear!  (Side note: SAH don't do no sexual favors so leave the funny biz at home, this is a family blog for Poseidon's sake!).
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