Friday, May 21, 2010

Mixed Sigs: Castles In The Sky Film Review

 "Some interesting shots, lotta smilin' browns, worth 8 Rupees, nothing more." - The South African Butcher (Immig Ent. Journal)

"The scenic cinematography might have been shot with a Red 7 but some of the surfing footage looked liked it was shot with a red eye." - P-Nuss (Scorpion Breath Times)

"Too much f-arty foam, not enough froth." -Coco Kai (Poseidon's Posse Post)

Don't shoot the messenger, but the reviews for Taylor Steele's latest flick entitled: Castles In The Sky are in...

A few nights ago, we ventured out to Haloewood and parked our asses at the Arclight for the film premiere of Castles In The Sky.  Good crowd, free beer, surf celebs, and a red carpet littered the venue as we strolled on through, slapped some skin, and eventually took our seats.   Lights out, projector on, go time.

As the silver screen flashed with images of beautiful landscape and familiar faces, the prologue began and the intrigue begun.  The prologue served to inform the viewers of the hard work, dedication, detours, good times, bad times, and the all around adventures that accompanied the making of this film.  But it may have also served as a preliminary warning that some of the film images may or may not be as clear as a castle...

As the actual film began, I was initially sucked in by the beautiful scenery, a handful of my favorite pros, and a few great songs that had me lost in the haze of it all.  Unfortunately, all of a sudden, there it was again, a shitty quality film image that really takes you out of the lure and leaves you wondering (from a nerdbot standpoint of course) "did these clips not get rendered?" ("did they just use the proxies and not the high res clips?").  In lamens terms; "why do some of the clips look so clear and clean, but others look like they came from my grandpa's Toshiba mini dv camera?".  I couldn't tell you for certain, but I have a feeling that the post side of things on this film was a bit rushed, to say the least.

Aside from the frequent rando-shit-clip and the unfortunate lack of a completely seamless flow, the surfing and the sounds were pretty par with the usual Steele vid.  I was really impressed with Craig Anderson's part and how steezy and light he looked in slow-mo on the big screen.  Speaking of steez, Rob straight up killed it on an utterly epic Peru left, and Dane amazed me with how well he surfed in water that would literally freeze your balls into mochi right there on the spot (literally).   Not to forget the usual suspects who killed it: Jordy, Rasta, K-Robb, and Mitch Coleborn (sad to say the waves that Dan-O had in this flick didn't really meet my expectations of the legend that I know he truly is). 

All and all, the flick left me a bit confused and wondering/hoping if this was just a rough cut?  With Castles In The Sky being the sequel to an insta-classic surf film (Sipping Jetstreams) and containing an unbeatable playing field of landscape, an all star line-up of top notch surfers, some classic tunes by Years Around The Sun (& others), and a legendary film maker whose track record has almost never disappointed; one might think this formula would inevitably equal a grand success.  I certainly expected a whole lot more from this film and unfortunately, I'm gonna have to say that it was some what of a disappointment.  Regardless of how disappointing it may be, I still have an undying respect for the time, thought, and effort that it took to make this film and would never take that away from the film makers or any one involved with this flick.  So to Taylor, the cast, and the crew, I solute you for your hard work, time, and effort, and I am confident that you can and will undoubtedly do much better in the future!

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