Monday, May 17, 2010

Maniac Myrt Madness

Thought I'd give a little stroke (out of disgust/hatred) to the most annoying, idiotic, yet sometimes oddly attractive Maniac Myrts in the biz.  You may need 2 buckets for these myrts, one to puke in, and one to ummmm well...
 Lindsay La-ho-han(djob)

Par(ice) Hilton

 Britney Spears(a-mint-rhino)

Heidi Montrog

Tila "Squid-lips" Tequila

Lady Gagsacock

Kim Kardash-ian(my bedroom)

Ke$ha (aka biggest claimjumper ever: "brush my teeth with Jack" are you fucking kidding me?!)

Nicole (I used to be hot till I married the biggest kook in the world) Ritchie

LCD Soundsystem- Drunk Girls  (BUY)
David Guetta- Sexy Bitch (Chuckie & Lil Jon Remix Ft Akon)  (BUY)
Ke$ha- Cik Cock (Fred Falke Radio Edit)  (BUY)
Parice Hilton- Nothing In This World (Dave Aude Radio Edit)  (BUY)
Britney Spears(a-mint-rhino)- 3 (Robot Love Remix)  (BUY)
Adolescents- L.A. Girl  (BUY)
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