Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lads, Road Sodas, Chromeo, N' Skoolies

Met up with some classic Aussie lads on Thursday and demolished the streets of DTLA, woke up the next day there after and did it again for SB's Extravaganza.  Loaded up their Astro Van dream machine with some road sods and barged it to IV.  Unfortunately traffic sucked ass and we missed Eddie Sharpe & The Mag Zeros but made it just in time for Chromeo to take the stage.  There's definitely some weird footage of the festivities comin your way (some myrt was all "see you on youtube" after we tore up the dance floor with a good plethora of myrts frothing over the new stickers, AMPAL/Crap steez, and Aussie accents).  This Chromeo vid oughta tie you down for now though:

Sick at parts but flamey at others...
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