Thursday, May 20, 2010

Electro Dome: ++The Futureheads++

I just realized today that it's been too damn long since I've done an Electro Dome feature and spoiled you all with some new good music.  To get back into the swing of things, I thought I'd throw up a couple songs I've been rockin out to lately by The Futureheads.  Ever since first hearing their song "Beginning of the Twist" in CJ Hobgood's part for Taylor Steele's Stranger Than Fiction, I knew this band had what it took to rock the facking house down!  Take a gander at some of their Brit-Indie Alt Rock songs that are sure to get you thumpin and pumpin:

The Futureheads- Beggining of the Twist  (BUY)

The Futureheads- Heartbeat Song  (BUY)

The Futureheads- Hounds of Love  (BUY)

The Futureheads- Hounds of Love (Phones' Wolves At The Doro Remix)

The Futureheads- Struck Dumb  (BUY)
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