Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vote For HammerwolF

My homies over at HammerwolF have been owning the ElectroHell scene ever since I was still in crusty soiled diapers.  King kook aka Perez Hilton is having some remix contest that HammerwolF entered and has an excellent shot at winning.  The song to be remixed is called Momma's Place by Roisin Murphy.  Whoever Roisin Murphy is, I'm sure she had no idea the heat and fire that HammerwolF would sprinkle onto her song with their remix that will surely melt faces and scortch the dancefloor; cause it's a fucking HEATER!  Click here to vote for HammerwolF or click below to play and vote for their track.  Voting ends may 5th so hurry up and VOTE NOW!  They'll send you an email to confirm your vote and just click on the link, don't be fuckin lazy! Just do it!  Shneek ya later...

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