Friday, April 9, 2010

Scorpion Breath

After another night filled with grandpa's cough syrup, hipster myrts, and heavy electro beats frothing through my ears, one might think that the last thing I'd wanna hear is some more fist pumpin/gang bangin electrohell right?  Yeah that's what I thought upon awakening this morning, but as my lazy ass stumbled upon the CRAP Blog and The Guns In The Sun Blog hosting a new mixtape belonging to my stellar Party DJ homeys' known as Scorpion Breath, I was quickly proven wrong!  One click of their mixtape entitled Girl You Breathin' Heavy As Hell and my hangover subsided, my fist rose, and my hair started doing rooster wafts as I jumped up and down screaming "FROTH! FROTH! FROTH!" until the neighbors told me to go back to bed.  

I've been front and center at most of the Scorpion Breath shows and to say they rock the fuckin house each time is surely an understatement of a lifetime!  Last time I saw em over at V-Lounge, the rumor mill starting running and making slanderous remarks saying that I was "on freejoles or ice or meth or somethin" but in reality I had only sipped a few weird beers and it was the music Breathing out of a Scorpion that truly elevated me to higher levels of enlightenment (and made me start dancing with my shirt off).  So hats off to Scorpion Breath for producing such a beautiful baby that will surely get the fire in us all ready to explode!  No need for shneex, "Girl You Breathin' Heavy As Hell" will take care of that for ya!



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