Saturday, April 3, 2010

A New High

Today marks a new high point here at Surf Ambassador Hendo. Never in the history of frothing on this stupid ass website has there ever been a day that goes by where no visitors decide to stop by for a quick read, video watch, or electro froth. Well my friends, that day has finally come, and it is today! I'm stoked to announce that a total of 4 people stopped by here yesterday and a total of 0 have been on here today! Thanks for the love and support, your encouragement really makes me want to keep trucking and writing useless bull shit that will be seen by your 4 eyes and your 4 eyes only! Cheers to you, my 4 frothy friends!
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  1. Dude, it's myrtle monday!!! Don't tell me you got a case of the moondays. Keep bloging mo fo. I love this site. Please release a new video soon. Rafferty ROOOOOOOTS!

  2. hey, hendo, i'm stoked to announce that i didnt come here to read your whining. so pick your sorry ass up off the bathroom floor, clear the tissues off the couch and KEEP ON KEEPIN ON.

    besides, how do you know those 4 readers werent steamy wet myrts?

  3. haha true story dot com, thanks for the nice words my friends, keep the froth alive!

  4. DSS has been slackin but our faith and love in the ambassador has been renewed ever since he threw down some epic stompz at the Voyeur dance off! Avid readership is restored.