Tuesday, April 20, 2010

420 + Cool Shit To Do When You're Stoned

It's 4/20 today.  Personally, I could care less, but I know a lot of you do care about your special day so I'll honor my viewers desires and supply yall with some entertainment.  Here's a list of cool shit to do when you're stoned (feel free to add via comment):

Da Roots Crew:

Rasta Masta:


Rad Anthem:

Bull Shit:


Pinche Vendejo:


Gangsta Rap:

Weird Beard:

Bub Bubs:

Computer Juice:

Pon De Floor:

Bad Day At The Beach

Sublime- Smoke Two Joints 
Steel Pulse- Roller Skates 
Inner Circle- Never Give Up 
Bob Marley- Stir It Up 
Damien Marley- Road To Zion 
Cypress Hill- Hits From The Bong 
Dr. Dre- Lets Get High 

Get Weird Mota-vaterz!
Much thanks to Da Owl and The Rooots crew for some of the above videos.
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