Saturday, March 27, 2010

Who Roofied MGMT?

A few songs from MGMT's new album Congratulations destined to flop ummm I mean drop April 13th have been leaked and needless to say they don't exactly meet expectations.  MGMT certainly set the bar high with Oracular Spectacular, a CD that exploded with insta-classics such as "Time To Pretend", "Kids", "The Handshake", "Pieces of What", and a few others that made the CD an epic listen from start to finish.  Congratulations on the other hand, has yet to grow on me or may be I just haven't smoked enough ice for it to sound good?  May be these leaked songs are just a cruel joke and their new CD is just gonna blow minds?  Hey, a frother can dream can't he?          
Some of the songs are decent and have brotential but check em out for yourself and then tell me if you think they suck ass, balls, or tits?

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