Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Surf-Ink, Surfer Tats, Chattoos, Skin Art, Tattoos, call it what you will but it's starting to become more common these days that surfers and tattoos are starting to get a lil more acquainted with one another.  Hell, come to think of it, tattoos and a lot of Californians are starting to get more acquainted as well (or is it just cause I live in LA?).  But what makes Surf-Ink different or better or cooler than normal ink?  Not my place to say lil buddy, but it's pretty evident that the act of getting ink done is not solely related to the sport you play, the band you like, the artists you admire, or the experiences you have had but often times these characteristics tend to influence the art and pieces that people get on their bodies.  Tattoos themselves can play so many different roles in peoples lives that listing each of the roles would certainly be strenuous and there's a good chance I'd miss various aspects.  So instead of getting too into this whole subject, I thought I'd just point out a few of the pros that have ink whether they got a small piece done on their finger from losing a bet like Julian Wilson did or they went all out and got face tats like gnarls Joe Crimo.  Kinda feels like the opposite of a Myrtle Monday cause it's a bunch of dudes with their shirts off n shit (I'm sure the myrts are stoked) but here's most of the SurfInk I could find: 

Julian Wilson's Ten Pin Win:

Ry Craike's "Hey Burt" Vegas Bender Tat

Joel Parkinson

Dion Agius

Mick Fanning getting his Kirra Eagle tat

Fanning's Family Crest and an ode to his late brother Sean 

Dave Rastovich's waterman & "without love we perish" tattoo 

Dane Reynold's anchor and seagull tat

Bra Boy members only tattoo

Koby Aberton's My Brother's Keeper collar piece

Danny Fuller

Donovan Frankenreiter

Kala Alexander

Sunny Garcia

David Weare

Bobby Martinez

Matt Archbold

Like father like son, Ford Archbold

Joe Crimo

Looking for a good tattoo artist?  Search no more.  My old neighbor and LJ ripper Andrew Farnsley has been doing incredible work over the years and is straight up killing it down at Mark Mahoney's Shamrock Social Club down on Sunset in Hollyweird.  Another good friend and Venice loc, Marcus Muse has inked up a few of our mates and the results are always more than stellar!     
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