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-St. Patrick's Day- Ambassador Drinking Game (ADG)

The Man, The Myth, The Legend; Wiles boosting smiles true Irish style!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm assuming you're either frothing at the mouth with green beer in hand, pissed off at work in your cubicle (but still taking Bailey's flask pulls), or simply hating life and taking a final in Embarcadero hall. Whichever above predicament you find yourself in, now's the time to step it up a notch and get freaking weird with your fellow Irishmen, we're talking Ambassador Weird! For this St. Patrick's day I'm gonna see if you have what it takes to play ADG (Ambassador Drinking Game). The rules are simple and the rules are final. Do you have what it takes to score a perfect game? I'll be the judge...

DISCLAIMER: Please Drink Responsibly and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. Surf Ambassador Hendo is not liable for anyone getting too fucked up after playing this game. Here's the link to our DISCLIAMER (replace the word "Webtender" with "Surf Ambassador Hendo").

POINT OF THE GAME: To get weird, win the game, and have fun while watching surf videos with mates and myrts. Similar to the kooksketball game of "PIG" the last person standing without the letters "ADG" tatted on them wins.

-Pre Game: Gather a drinking partner or several (up to 6 can play and the game gets more fun the more who play) and buy/gather the following items:
- 1 Surf Movie- 1 Dice Block (not a pair of dice, one "die")
- 30 Pack of beer (1 per group of 3)
- Popov Vodka (1 flask per group of 3)
- Pickle Juice (1 full container per group of 3)
- Double Shot Glass
Pop in your frothiest/most high-performance surf DVD, VHS, or A-Trak vid and let her marinate (I've suggested a couple videos at the bottom of the page that will get you more than party sauced).  Keep in mind, the more high-performance video, the more drinking is sure to go down, so if you're a light weight and/or new to this game, I suggest you start with a surf video like Endless Summer or Sprout.

1) Roots Chant: Gather all the players together in a circle and at the count of 3, begin saying the word "roots" for as long as you possibly can without breathing in. The longest lasting person gets to roll the dice first.

2) The winner of the "roots" chant becomes player 1 and gets to roll the single dice block first. Player 1 rolls the dice and the number that the dice block lands on is then assigned to that player (e.g. player 1 rolls a number "6" therefore his number is "6" for that round).

3) Depending on what number the dice block lands on, the player is then assigned that number's corresponding surf maneuver for that round. The dice numbers and their corresponding surf maneuvers are as follows:

1: Barrell Rides- Player Must drink the entire length of the barrell ride (add one shot of popov on-top of the chuggage if the barrell is done in switch stance).

2: Snaps- Player takes a 1 second sip of drink (2 second sip for reverses).

3: Floaters- Player takes a 2 second sip of drink (3 seconds for floater tweaks or 360 floaters).

4: Carves- Player takes a 3 second sip (4 seconds for a tail slide, 5 seconds for a round house, and 10 seconds for a round house with reverse rebound).

5: Airs- Player takes a 4 second sip (4 seconds for grabs, 5 seconds for air 

reverses and alley oops).

6: EXTREME AIRS- Player takes a 10 second sip (Full 360 Air/Kerrupt Flip/KerrAgius Flip/Gorkin Flip/Rodeo Flip/Sushi Roll/Passion Pop/Varial/Super Man Air/Any Other Freak Of Nature Extreme Air Shit).

(e.g. player 1 rolls a "6" therefore his surf maneuver is EXTREME AIRS and must drink accordingly once a video part/section has been chosen).

4) The rest of the players roll the dice block and obtain their numbers and corresponding surf maneuvers (e.g. player 2 rolls a "2" and therefore obtains "Snaps" as her surf maneuver and must drink the corresponding amount of sips each time a surfer on screen does a particular snap). Note: the players must roll the dice until they land on a different number than the previous players have rolled (e.g. player 1 rolls a "6" therefore player 2 must roll the dice block till the dice lands on a number other than "6"). *

If, however, a player rolls the same number 3 times in a row they then obtain a WIPE OUT (called this because it will surely wipe out someone's stomach). A WIPE OUT is a double shot of Pickle Juice that can be given out to any player from the player who obtained the WIPE OUT (triple number roll). The WIPE OUT is noted and saved and may only be used later once the round has begun (i.e. the video part has started) and the player continues until they roll a new number.

5) Now that player 1 knows what surf maneuver he has obtained (e.g. player 1 rolls a "6" and gets "EXTREME AIRS") as well as what surf maneuvers the other players have obtained, he gets to now choose what/who's part/section of the surf movie to play (e.g. player 1 chooses to play Dane Reynold's part in Modern Collective).

Since player 1 knows he has obtained EXTREME AIRS it would be wise of him to stray away from a video part with extreme aerialists like Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith, Josh Kerr, Dion Agius, Dusty Payne, or Mitch Coleborn if he/she didn't feel like drinking a lot of alcohol and should thus choose someone's video part such as Michel Bourez, Sunny Garcia, Tom Curren, or Mark Occhilpo who usually tend to do fewer airs. However, say player 2 rolled a "1" (Barrell Riding) and player 1 wants player 2 to drink a shitload, then it would be wise of player 1 to choose a part with guys like Michel Bourez, Sunny Garcia, Tom Curren, or Mark Occhilupo who are extremely talented barrell riders and will thus have player 2 chugging far more booze than if player 1 had chosen a more EXTREME AIR heavy video part/section.

6) Player 1 chooses the video part, presses play, and the games begin.

7) Each time a player's surf maneuver is done by the surfer onscreen, the ADG player must drink according to the rules supplied above. The players who obtained a WIPE OUT in the rolling round can use them at any point during this round simply by saying "WIPE OUT BETCH", point to the person they want to take the double shot of pickle juice to, and that person must take the shot. If for some reason a player doesn't like the drinking abuse they are taking in the video part/section being played, starts to feel sick from the WIPE OUT given to them or is getting too inebriated too quickly, he/she may choose to "close out" of a round (part/section) at which point the entire room must chant "NOOOOOOOOOTS" (aka Not Roots) at them as loud as they can. The player who decides to "close out" then receives the letter A tatted on them (marker or real, on the face, arm, or breasts) for "closing out" the first time. Each time that player "closes out" they are tatted additional letters that spell the acronym "A-D-G" on them. Similar to the game of "PIG", once the player achieves the entire acronym "ADG", they then lose the game and must sit on the sidelines, puke in the bathroom, or pass out wherever they see safely fitting. Whatever you do, do not drive a motor vehicle after playing/losing this game.

8) Once an entire video part/section is complete repeat steps 1-7 until everyone receives the acronym "ADG" except for one victorious human who walks home with the pride, courage, and bragging rights for a roots ass job well done!  He/she becomes The Ambassador For The Day (TAFTD) and doesn't have to pay for drinks the rest of the night.  


Now spread the word on this game and may the best mate/myrt win!  GO FROTH! GOOOOOO!

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