Friday, March 26, 2010

Splinta The Rat is Legend!

Ever heard of a little film called 5th Symphony Document?  It only won Surfer Magazine's Video of the Year in 2001 and was nominated for best cinematography (no biggie).  Ever heard of a lil band called Pepper?  They're only one of the biggest and best rock reggae bands of our generation (no biggie).  Or what about a lil island called Tavarua?  Eh, it's only the dreamland home to two of the best lefts in the entire World (no biggie).  What do all of these things have in common?  Besides being accomplishments that most of us normal humans can only dream about, they have the big mark of a Rat!  This is no ordinary rat, it's Splinta The Rat!

Chad Campbell aka Splinta The Rat is a legend in more respects than one.  As the director of 5th Symphony Document & Shane Dorian's The Blueprint, the senior editor of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing TV shows, the Filmer of Drive Thru Australia, and the owner of Folklore Films, it's safe to say that he's got filmmaking and TV in the bag.  Traveling on tour performing and rapping with the World famous band Pepper as well as getting signed to Law Records with Arena Productions, Splinta has got music in da bag.  If that wasn't enough (fack mate you're killing me here with this renaissance man shit haha), Splinta rips harder than you, pulls into heavy ass barrells, frequently boosts "ay-ers", and gets shacked at Tavarua in his sleep for a good few months outa the year as a legendary boatman.  Needless to say he's got surfing in the bag.  Fack man, is there anything you can't fucking do? ha you're starting to make me look bad ha.        
Da Rat getting rooots at Cloudbreak

Over the years I have had the honor of becoming homies with Chad and have worked with him on various Triple Crown shows through da boyz over at Windowseat Pictures.  The skillz, laughter, good times, and straight up wisdom that Splinta brings to da table is insanely more valuable than any of the countless $150 self-help books I constantly find myself umm I mean my cat buying.  Anyways, as fate would have it, we wrapped our Triple Crown show this year and decided to have a lil shindig, Ambassador Style.  With beer flowing like the Euphrates river, myrts frothing like a hen house (total of 4), and 2 frothy MC's in the house (1 wana be who goes by the name of Surf Ambassador Hendo aka the Artist Formerly Known As Hendonesia and 1 true life professional/hip hop tour vet by the name of Splinta The Rat), it was inevitable that shit was gonna get weird!  And weird it got my friends, weird it got!  Check out the lil clip bellow filmed by lil buddy Noah as Splinta The Rat and Surf Ambassador Hendo break down some freestyle beats with a lil dash and spice of their own and a lyric here and there from their famous tracks.  All and all we were just messing around and havin a good time (this is by no means "the best freestyle ever", well at least mine ha).  Without further adieu, I present to you "I Came To Party" (Ratone Remix): 

Be on the look out for more upcoming film projects done by the legendary Chad Campbell as well as Splinta The Rat's new album entitled "Splinta The Rat is Dead" co-starring Philly B and featuring: Jenni Jenni & Micah of Iration, Deathsyle, West End, & Race.  I was fortunate enough to get a copy of "Splinta The Rat is Dead" and let me just say the Rat is not dead my friends, he is very much alive and he's taking the World by storm one froth at a time!  Rooooooooooooooots!   

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