Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pro Surfer Serena Brooke Responds to Brocab Vid

Pro surfer and uber ripper, Serena Brooke is from the land of the froth and the waft aka Coolangatta Queensland, Australia. Growing up in such an epic location, it's inevitable that insta-classic words are consistently sprung into the regular vernacular of all the frothy Aussies alike!  I must warn you, these words are highly addictive to say and even more addictive to discover!  In response to Surf Ambassador Hendo's original Brocabulary video where he defines a few of his own unique and bizarre words, the video below showcases Serena breaking down the word "Wafting" as she lets 'em all know (especially SAH) what the word truly means! See for yo self mates as Serena Brooke Responds to Brocab:

Serena Brooke Responds to Brocab Vid from Surf Ambassador Hendo on Vimeo.

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