Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Post #201, A Recap of Sorts

Ello There,
For some of you this may be the 201st time that your eyes have some how made it to my page.  For others of you, your eyes could be getting completely de-virginized as we speak and this could be your first time that you step foot into the bizarre realm that is better known as Hendonesia.  If that's the case, I welcome you with open loins umm I mean open arms...

Anyways, I thought I'd do something special for my 201st post since I wasn't witty enough to think of anything to do on the 200th post plus I think that I'm all out of beer.  So for my 201st post I'm gonna take you on a wild journey form when I first started this lil beautiful baby blog up until now to where it's grown into a luscious lilac with proportions beyond belief!  Think of it as a time capsule that I just found buried in the last place I'd suspect; aka underneath the doghouse of my ex-librarian's apartment who I once got weird with after she got pissed at me for not remembering her name in an inebriated state, as we shouted mercilessly at each other while simultaneously getting closer and closer and closer until finally, just like out of a movie, we started violently making out in a fit of passion and rage (half true story.com minus the librarian part.edu).  Anywhoo, that is neither here nor there.  Lets get the show on the road and take you back to day one.

It was May 22nd, 2008 and I had just gotten kicked out of yet another google group email chain list by my homies who said I wrote too much and told me to take my words and thoughts out of their inboxes and onto the net.  A bit confused and distraught, I took my words to the nearest basketball court net hoop thing and began shouting them at the top of my lungs!  To my surprise, nothing really happened.  It wasn't till about 2 days later that I realized they were talking about the ethernet (dun dun chee joke drum??).  So on May 24th 2008, I set out to create what would soon be a journey of 201 steps and beyond!  As a young, naive, and innocent man with grom like tendencies, I clicked my first publish post button and Surf Ambassador Hendo reared its ugly head out onto the World Wide Web.     

As many can attest, 2008 was a rough rookie year for SAH as I only posted a whooping 27 posts and zero groundbreaking videos.   Highlights include:

After 2008, I felt like Chris Brown during his rookie season on the CT, oh wait, he never made the CT (exactly).  As I took it all in as a learning experience, da masta blogger himself Zoid Usleegood dropped some knowledge on my ass and gave me the secret key to blogging success;  a little acronym better known as FIDLAR-DGAF-LTD-ATT (Fuck It Dawg, Life's A Risk, Don't Give A Fuck, Living The Dream, All The Time).  It was right then at that moment that I knew that this blog was destined for magical things.  So I took my new knowledge and outlook on blogging and took the World by storm!  The next year I had a total of 2 posts!

But then I drunkenly awoke eating a burger and it was 2009 and I managed to pump out 125 posts that somehow still haven't been taken down for violating ethernet terms. Quick highlights from 2009 include:

- I Love Dolphins (my most popular post of all time for some reason, although it is a bit disturbing and I wasn't in the right state of mind when I wrote it)  
- Da Nor Chore Part 2 (featuring my first SAH video ever)
- Hendonesia Came To Party (my quick stint in the rapping world)
- New Logo (The Birth of a Dynasty)
- The 5 Best Surf Movies of All Time (My 2nd most popular post of all time)
- ...Electro Dome...  (SAH learns to walk)
- Modern Collective World Premiere (SAH gets hollywood)
- Surf Injuries (The Swell That Stole Christmas, my back, Sado's nose, Kado & Ben's boards, my leash, and many other unsuspecting victims...)

As I'm writing all these highlights I can't help but start to feel like a narcissistic kook plus I know no one has the attention span these days to read this far so I'm gonna stop with the highlights through out the years and let you do some digging of your own.  However, looking back on the past is always a good way to see just how far you've gone and how much further you've still got left to go.  All and all I just wanted to say that it's been quite the journey thus far and I look forward to seeing where this thing goes in the future, skies the limit mutha fuckaz!  

Thanks for all the support over the years, cheers! 
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