Sunday, March 28, 2010

Overheard In CA

Just frothed a coffee with lil buddy Kevo downstairs and did some serious birdwatching.  As we sat there lurking, a bunch of weird ass people began sitting down around us and before we knew it, we were amidst some of the most bizarre conversations we've heard in a good while.  Not only did a transvestite wearing tight ass red pants, make up, and a stomach baby carrier filled with a bunny walk by (true but the guy next to us would not stop talking about his damn dog as he babbled on: "ehhh where's the dog bowl at this place? ehh screw him he can wait, the whole World is his damn chew toy and shit stop anyway".  

The amount of times I find myself next to freaks like this is countless and I figured surely you all have been in similar situations where you couldn't help but listen to some weird ass conversation happening an ear shot away from you.  If this has ever happened to you or is happening to you as we speak, I wanna hear about it!  Send me emails ( with weird ass conversations you overheard during the weekend or at work or school or in a public bathroom etc.  Where ever or whatever it is that you hear weird shit, remember it and send it to me and I'll be posting the best ones on here every so often.  There are some weird ass people in this world that have a lot of entertaining shit to say so don't be scurrrrred to let me know about it!

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