Monday, March 8, 2010

Myrtle Mondaze

No I'm not talking about Myrtle Corbin, the 4 legged woman who is the first to come up when you Google the word "Myrtle".  I'm talking about Myrtle Mondays man!  "Myrtle" a term coined by the famous shredder Nai Snagtor is a friendly way of saying "attractive female who exhibits unique qualities of beauty, elegance, and grace" aka "you fly as hell gurrrl".  My homies told me I should do a Myrtle Monday feature so today is Monday and I figured that pretty much only dudes read this blog anyway so here's some Myrtles to get you through your day (try not to make the pages sticky for the next dude)...

Alana Blanchard 
Bar Refaeli 
No Clue
Zoey D

Now you should have a good idea of da ideal "myrtle" type.  If you meet these qualifications you know what to do... 
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