Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lightning Bolt USA

My homie Leahtard, works for one of the most roots surf/skate clothing apparel companies in town.  They're called Lightning Bolt USA and you may recognize their stellar steez from back in the days when Gerry Lopez was king sitting on top of his Pipeline throne... 

After a pretty fun surf sesh at the breakwater with Poleanz, we met up with Leahtard and Blue and cruised the streets of Venice.  Leahtard was rad enough to take us over to the Lightning Bolt headquarters and give us the utmost roots tour.  Once inside the HQ, plenty of Gerry style Pipe boards, stylishly painted funboards, and steezy clothing lined the halls, walls, and racks.  I was super stoked to get a first hand experience at witnessing their existing clothing/board lines and some of their new stuff dropping in the near future. 

 Their clothing style encompasses an epicly nostalgic era when the evolution of modern surfing was on the rise and guys began charging pipe and riding smaller boards.  Needless to say, if you're lookin to get super steezed out for the Spring and Summer, search no more!  With sick old skool style cords, mental flannels/jackets, comfy/steezy t's as well as some sexy/cute bikinis and clothing for the ladies, Lightning Bolt has got you covered!  Check out their collection here and load up on their stuff in the stores.  Trust me, you'll be da most roots kid on da block!

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