Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dane Reynolds' Time Machine Van

I dunno if you're as much of a Marine Layer Productions lurker as myself but if you haven't had a chance to check out Dane Reynold's blog it's by far the best one out there.  Simple and minimalist, his blog is filled with entertaining content and videos that shock me each and every time I see em.  Anyways, just recently during the Quik Pro at Snappers, when Dane wasn't owning the water and the waves, he was owning the streets.  During his Aussie stay, he obtained his "Charlie Brown Time Machine" van that he and his girlfriend custom painted, putted along the windy roads of Oz in, and undoubtedly made tracks in foreign soil.  After the comp was over, Dane decided to give away his classic van to the first person who snagged it at the Snapper lot.  The sequence of events went something like this:

You can check ou the video footage here (scroll to March 9th)  of the guy who scored the Van as the boyz up top watch him get in the thing, start her up, and slowly sloth along to the van's next wild and crazy adventure.  Think I'm gonna start giving more shit away on my site thanks to the inspiration of da time machine, rooooooooots!   

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