Friday, March 12, 2010

Do Yo Thang + Electro Dome

May your weekend be full of pulling in!  Hopefully in more ways than one...
One of my homebreaks doin its thang

One of my home myrts doin her thang!  I dedicate this song to you babe: Breakbot- Baby I'm Yours (Feat Irfane)

Electro Dome for you to froth on your Friday, do your thang!

Happy Bday to all my March Babies (Sado, Ettore Scola, uncle Leo, Baya sibs, lil leibs, SAH)
Time to go rage it up for lil buddy uncle Leo Riiiiiiiiiig jr tonight, lets melt the fawkin place down mates!  Get Mute & Root! 

One Last Electro Dome addition here for ya.  Please enjoy Kenya'sCrap Snack Pack Mix, it's sure to get you ready to rage your face off for the weekend! 

Kenya crap by latanehughes

Download da Crap Snack Pack HERE

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