Friday, March 19, 2010

BLVD Clothing 1904

If the word "roots" were an item of clothing, there's no doubt in my mind that it would be specifically made by my homies over at BLVD.  With a bio that proudly shouts: "Created out of  La Jolla, San Diego, BLVD is a company that emerged from a lifestyle.  A lifestyle that represents the true roots of skateboarding and surfing.  Our apparel is deeply interweaved with Southern California culture, beach life, city lights, and everything in between", it's a given that surely BLVD has got what you're lookin for (otherwise get the fuck off my blog).  Check out some of their mental threads below (try not to get too much froth on your mouth):

^So roots (hook it up ha)^
 I'm super stoked on the line these guys dropped, the steezy and clean ass videos they put up, the super stacked surf and skate team they've got goin on, and of course their ragers that have been known to have insta-legend status while taking over all of San Diego the right way, the roots way, the BLVD way!  Check out their website, their clothing line, and their blog to stay in the know with their latest and don't forget to buy heaps of their steezy shit while you're at it (surely it'll get you a myrt rub 'n tug at the very least).  Don't forget to cruise by Zenbu on April Fool's Day (April 1st) to check out the rager they're throwing with PD Skate Shop and the utmost roots Lefty's Barber Shop!  Place should be frothing and you could be too!     
Have a good weekend shralpers, get ur D wet! 
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