Thursday, March 4, 2010

2010 Quiksilver Pro @ Snappaz

Take a QUIK peak at Fisha's latest vid and get caught up on what all your favorite pros have been up to before the season's first comp on the Gold Coast.  Take it away Fish:

Tomorrow should see the last day of the Quik Pro as the semis are lined up to be quite the show!  

Semi-Final heat one is stacked with Aussie Posse frother Taj Burrow (who's been on a mental roll lately) and SB Chino street loc Bobby Martinez reppin the goof troop with a lethal backhand attack!  Can Bob-O stop Taj's recent path of destruction?  

Semi heat number two is the ultimate showdown of showdowns aka the two biggest prodigies/super stars of the new wave generation!  It's Jordy Smith vs Dane Reynolds, a heat the World round has been salivating and frothing at the mouth for ever since the conception of these super freaks!  Dane's Quarter Final heat was absolutely mind blowing as even Slater said: "that's the best surfing in the World right there" as she dropped his jaw at nearly every mental maneuver Dane pulled out of his bag o' tricks.  In that case, good luck Jordy and good luck to the rest of the competitors as tomorrow should give way to the new Quik Pro champ!  See you all at the after party, cheers mates! 

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