Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wardo Rips My Homebreak With Da Homies

Chris Ward, the man, the myth, the legend, tends to take lil treks down from his San Clemente loc spot and get himself some nice Pipe practice pits at a little spot we like to call "don't ask don't tell" aka "if you don't know, don't go" or even sometimes "pay me $40 and I'll tell you the zip code".  Once again Wardo made a nice lil pilgrimage to this mental spot and began getting pig dog backside pits like his name was Miss Piggy or some shit!  Couple other local legends and LJ rippers including: Ryder Mackey, RK, and Randy Lind were out there joining him in the green room as Poseidon blessed them all with some heavy pits ontop of a treacherous boulder that has been known to put people on the sidelines for months! Check out some of the pics taken by the famous and brilliantly talented Anthony Ghiglia and also some footage that my homey Johnny boy Maher filmed with his GoPro:HD cam.  The video's sound track is from the most roots LJ band ever DareDevil Jane

Wardo pig doggin a slabby beast! 
Wardo practicing for next year's Pipe Masters...
One of the best goofy footers in La Jolla: Ryder Mackey 
LJ Legend RK suppaaa deep brah

Untitled from John Maher on Vimeo.

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  1. damn these guys are ridin on glass! thank you surf ambassador, your content is da shit!

  2. yeah epic pics eh?
    thanks man, keep the froth alive!