Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

My good buddy Shana aka Kat Bronson over at Nourishment is a very talented blogger who- similar to Dr. Dre putting out mind-blowing albums every seven years- posts epic gems on her blog every so often!   Today as I was scouring the net while frothing in my cubicle with lil buddy Splinta Da Rat and crew, I came across Nourishment and completely frothed on her latest post!  It was almost as if someone took my mantra/my way of life/the essence of my being and created a marketing campaign/quick video about the way I live/the things I do/and the bizarre thought process that jumbles through my scattered brain (where's the mole?).  Even though I'm not a fan of Diesel or the people who wear their shit, I must admit they're marketing is purely genius!  See for yourself and watch the difference between being Smart and being Stupid:

I'd much rather be stupid than smart any day...

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  1. Slaus babe i love it!!! thanks for the shout out! I'm totally on the same stupid page as you. Guess that's why kat and slaus are such good buds :)