Sunday, February 7, 2010

Photog Showcase #3 ^ Matt Devino ^

Devo, Devolinskies, Devinalz, Devalewskies, Dev Bev, the list of nick names for the photographer/editor/artist better known as Matt Devino goes on and on...

Fellow nerdbot and shralper from inside the office and out in the water Matt's been on a rampage doing super sick edits and taking awesome photos ever since I can remember!  Matt frothed out to the North Shore this year for a good week and was some how able to shoot my clean ass Pipe Webisode and take a shitload of epic pictures in the meantime.  It boggles my mind cause I was out there for a good 2 months and I think I only shot 40 pictures and 1 video, all of which only about 2 pictures are decent (mad decent).  Think that just goes to show Devo's constant creative motivation and drive to generate great content that is far superior than excellent!  
Full Cab portrait by Devo 

With the skills and knowledge this dude's got under his belt, it's certain that he's destined for BIG things in the art World!  So keep your eyes peeled for Devo out in the water, up on the mountain, or possibly stuck in an editing bay cranking out brilliant pics, edits, and images that'll intrigue the mind and relieve the soul!
Check out some of his top pics he sent me:    

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