Saturday, February 20, 2010

Phoenix = RAF (Roots As Fuck)!

I've been frothing over Phoenix (the pop synth 80's revival electro rock band) for quite sometime now.  To say I found them before they got big is like saying I was the first person to discover animal style fries at In N' Out aka a good attempt of trying too hard to be the cat's meow!  I nearly sharted when I heard KROQ playing their shit as instinctually thought it was the demise of a great indie underground band but in reality it was actually a Plateau stepping stone which they very much so deserved.  One might think that getting big all over the World and selling out shows would create an ego that would never cater to the public and the fans that love them so much, this is NOT the case with Phoenix.  Check out the vids below as they keep it roots in their home streets by going out and frothing impromptu "take away" concerts live in the streets making Phoenix Roots As Fuck!          

Cred: Devinalz
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