Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nasty, Dirty, Crap = Dirt Nasty In Crap!

DIRT NASTY (photo: Leahtard)
My homies over at Crap Eyewear have done it again!  They've landed their Crap all over the face of yet another legend!  This time it's none other than the legendary rapper/frother Dirt Nasty.   If you ain't never heard of Dirt Nasty then you ain't never heard of a lil thing called sex, drugs, and rock n' roll.  Dirt Nasty is pretty much the epitome of the word "Zoots" (the highest attainable level of roots).  Dirt Nast slangs mad rhymes and classic videos filled with mental myrts, hilarious antics, and straight up savagery to the next level!  Take a peak at DN rockin some Beach Parties at one of his latest shows and check out his video while you're at it... 

Here's a lil extra treat for ya featuring Mickey Av, Dirt Nast, and the rest of the crew F***in ' Em All!  

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