Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lil Weezy Gettin Steezy!

A while back, my homeys over at The Ampal Creative had one of tha most G rappers and big time super stars rock their hat!  Das right, Lil Wayne da mutha fawkin Weezy rocked an ash quatro AMPAL creative fedora in his "On Fire" music video!  Das whassssup!

Super stoked for the boyz over at AMPAL for getting their gear on da steezy Weezy and letting the World know what the definition of style, fashion, and roots really is.  Props to Crap as well for stylin out Weezy with their fade shades.  If you haven't checked out AMPAL's mental collection on their website, now is a better time than any cause them thangs gonna be sellin like hot cakes once the word gets out about this one homey!          
Here's the vid:

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