Monday, February 22, 2010

Julian WIlson's "Scratching The Surface"

Bout time we see this wonder boy's vid hit da streets!
Much like the rest of the World, I've been patiently waiting for Julian Wilson's new vid entitled "Scratching The Surface" to premiere and most likely blow minds.  Produced by Irons Brothers Productions and starring none other than Julian Wilson himself, if the movie is any where as clean and frothy as the trailer than the surf World has got another visual shneek on their hands that will surely amuse, pump, froth, and stoke!
Check the teaser:

SCRATCHING THE SURFACE from Surfpresss on Vimeo.

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  1. where are the songss??????????????

  2. didn't do da soundtrack for this one mate but sure as hell can if you'd like in da future!

  3. Track list please...Track name on helicopter session!!!! Radest song

  4. ya i have been needing to buy this dvd, just tight on money. The music in it is killer, can't find the tracklist/music credits anywhere! If come across any info help me out. Thanks!