Friday, February 26, 2010

Frothy Phone Call Friday's #01: "Party Banger"

Frothy Phone Call Friday's is a new feature on It's pretty simple; I pick up a phone, call unsuspecting humans, and catch up with them over a coldie. Occasionally members of Poseidon's Posse will be joining me in dual "prank phone calls" (if you will) and we'll just have a Frothy blast of a time! Please keep in mind that Frothy Phone Call Friday's are meant to be taken for the bizarre and weird joke that they are so if the phone calls upset you or if you are one of our victims, let me just say in advance: Start Your Own Blog Betch!  

Don't ask me how the idea came about or how the first call was made cause I'm still creeped out by all of it but for now, sit back relax and enjoy the wierdness of SURF AMBASSADOR HENDO's First ever Frothy Friday Phone Call featuring Owl Bundy (Death From Above). We gave a myrtle we once met at the bars a quick phone call to check in and see how things are going. Little did we know she was in the middle of a Party Banger and thus things got weird, REAL WEIRD! Decent first prank call but I'm sure shit will get better and weirder next time, but for now take a gander at the weirdness below:

People been sayin the sound cloud player ain't workin so here's the MP3 of the call you can download and share all over the world:
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