Saturday, February 6, 2010

...Electro Domerz...Lets Make It A Quickie...

Frothing at the mouth?

Supp mates?  Fack, been kinda busy all week gettin my stomp on and preppin a bit for some ElectroHell action tonight but alas (contrary to what the man in the mirror says) I have not disappeared into a mole cave somewhere in Zaire.  I am here, alive, and living well.  I'm about to hop in my heapa and head down south so we'll have to make this one a quickie, I'm talkin like "1 pump chump, don't stop it feels so nice, oh shit boobies, ass, uh oh whooops! I ssswwwearrrr that never happens" quickie status. 

Here's some ElectroHell tunes to tide you over for the weekend till I get back to the city and write some more useless bull shit that probably only one person reads anyway...

Froth these well:

And of course my dubstep woble woble neighbor 12:
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