Monday, February 8, 2010

Derek Dunfee's "Down With The Ship"

My buddy, local La Jolla legend, and big wave hellman Derek Dunfee has straight up been kickin ass and taking names these past few years in the Big Wave Charging World!  Ever since I was a grom and I saw "Double D" charging so hard at huge ass Simmons and various other La Jolla big wave reef breaks- that made me shiver in my snow boots simply by hearing their names- I knew that he was destined for colossal things.  Well finally all of Derek's hard work and determination paid of this past year when he was nominated and won the Monster Paddle Award at the highly acclaimed Annual Billabong XXL Awards.  The Monster Paddle Award is simply one of the utmost prestigious awards that all big wave chargers strive to achieve but few ever even come close to being nominated.  So for Derek to take the gold on such a remarkable feat, has definitely cemented his legacy in the Big Wave and Surf World combined for centuries to come.  In my eyes, charging anything bigger than 15 foot faces is as gnarly as sharing a bathtub with Xena Warrior Princess filled with scorpions while watching Oprah, playing "boomerang banana" and eating jalapeno cheese cake: aka a death-wish!    

However, Derek's ongoing and persistent spirit didn't stop after the award.  As a matter of fact, I think he started charging even harder after the award and continues to do so any time that there's a swell on the horizon.  Every time Surfline does a segment about California's latest swell, sure enough, there's Derek dropping in on bombs and taking off as late and as deep as ever!  With so much drive, dedication, and big waves under his belt it was only a matter of time that Derek collected his, shall we say, "memoirs" and put them to tape!  That's right, Derek's in the process of gathering what could be considered a "filmmaker's gold" and is making a new movie about his triumph and tribulation from severely breaking two bones in his leg at Cloudbreak in 2008 up until his victory 5 1/2 months later at the XXL Awards!  

D Dunf dominating Mav's time and time again! 
DD's Winning Wave!

Derek sent me the teaser to his film entitled "Down With The Ship" last week and I nearly screamed at the top of my lungs in my cubicle as I jumped to the edge of my seat and pretty much soiled myself!  The combination of the fucking MENTAL waves he takes off on, the wipe outs (that I wish upon no one) that go down, the eerie soundtrack that so excellently accompanies the brilliant drawings done by his brother Taylor and the entire feelings that this mini trailer elicits is simply a small taste of what is to come from what is sure to be a groundbreaking film about a remarkable tale!  Produced and Directed by Derek Dunfee, Edited by our good friend and brilliant cutter Ryan Broomberg, and all Art done by the illustrious artist/photographer/homey Taylor Dunfee, this film is sure to make gigantic waves once it hits the streets!  So hold your horses till the movie comes out, but for now watch the trailer and be prepared to be amazed!  

Down With the Ship from Derek Dunfee on Vimeo.

Keep checking back on SAH for more updates, information, and possible interviews about Derek and his film in the works entitled "Down With The Ship".  

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