Wednesday, February 17, 2010


FINALLY the day has come where some one has actually entered one of my contests and has sent me their submission via email!  Usually I don't have time to read the piles of fan mail and bomb threats that get sent to my house each day so I was relieved not to whip out the good ol' letter opener and just simply click an email and read.  So far there have been a whopping 53 written entries (all of which my assistant still has yet to read) and a total of zero email entries for my Art Romp Comp, that is, until now!  I was very pleased to receive the following email and Art Romp Comp submission from a Michael Brixton of Gallup, New Mexico (didn't even know they had computers over there up until this point).  Michael writes:

"Dear serf hendu ambaceador, 
I only 5 yeers old but my mam reeds mi yowr blog evary nite bifor i go two shleap.  iT is mY favirote thiNg wen you tak abut count chalk-ula serfing with rin end stimpee hahee! i paitnted a pichure in mrs. Washingtins class four yur art contesht, i paint u serf wif yor fwiendz and yor gowf clubah awn wheelz streat wif cIndie! i wante two win art contast caz i like serf and i do jumps whin i older!  pleez look at; pictire isenxd and me win froot boot snack?
Me mam also sendt pichire and say shee want a pershonal lern serf wif u at adult beech wif u? i leke candie and kookiez wif chocolate end creyonz. pleez let win me art bored comtesht?
thanckz yiou

-michael brixton
& Mam Mandy     

What can I say?  The kid isn't all that talented at writing emails but his board art is freaking MENTAL!  Although I'm a bit confused with the picture he sent me (looks like I'm riding a golf green with wheels running over a girl and a ghost and hanging out with what looks to be a mermaid? the board shape is pretty rictor too eh? ha), especially at his age (guessing he's around 2 or something since he didn't use any commas) he's already developed into quite the artist!  My favorite is the spelling on the board ha, CLASSIC!    

Seeing as though I have yet to receive any other submissions, come May 5th, it looks like young Mikey and his "Mam" may just win the Art Romp Comp and he'll be featured on da site, receive the custom CD, the edited segment, and a pack of O'Doul's for him to pound (once he's of legal age of course).  I did indeed receive a few lovely polaroid pictures from his "Mam" named Mandy, but most of them are highly inappropriate for my G rated site I got goin on here plus she said that they were for my eyes only, so I decided to put up one of the less risque pics for your enjoyment:   
MILF ummm I mean, Mam Mandy

A big thank you to Michael and Mandy of Gallup, New Mexico!  Keep reading your lil dude my blog before he "shleaps" (very creepy) or whatever it is you do out there in New Mex and I'll keep you all posted about the results and the "pershonal lern serf at adult beach" (?).  

For all you other artists and shralpers out there, you've got yourselves quite the competition on your hands so sack up and send some entries to my email before it's too late and you lose out while Michael and Mandy are each winning their gifts...
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