Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Four Beer Intermission...

Mmmmm Crap Beer, Nothing better... 

It looks like quite the busy week for me and the Party Sauce Parade as we prepare for an upcoming Lazer Tornado Storm in SD so I'm not so certain that I'll be able to finish my photog showcase this week.  But do not despair my frothy friends, the photogs are on their way and I have just the thing to tide you over for hours, days, weeks, years, and quite possibly even centuries!  That's right, it's mutha-fuckin SWEATPANTS' NEW SWEATY SEXTAPE entitled The First Four Beers! If you didn't know already, Sweatpants is the next big thing to hit the streets in the ElectroHell World as his hardcore yet precise and complex beats will prove this with every sweat dripping ounce!  

I once went to one of his DJ sets on a Friday night and found myself foot stomping and fist pumping in glee till the we hours of the morn and for some reason decided to surf the next day.  After my 2nd wave at El Kooko, I pulled BOTH of my fackin hamstrings from what could only be due to excessive Electro bouncing to more than superior beats.  True story, I was like floating there immobilized in the water in such pain and agony screaming obscenities to the point where people in the line up began asking me if I "was ok?"  And you know what I told em?  I said "hey, you see this pain, you see how I can't move my legs right now?  Take a good hard look, cause this is what you will look like the morning after you have experienced a TRUE DJ!  Now stop looking at me and get back to your trogs!" (True story.com, the guy took his broom and sea swept his way back into the line up.  This guy was wearing fucking running shoes while he was SUPing, you have got to be kidding me!?).  

Anyways, you get the point, Sweatpants is a sick ass DJ and his mixtape has truly amazed me and literally made me soil myself in more ways than one.  After giving the tape a good listen to about 7 times, all my hopes of being a real DJ were completely thrown out the window due to the fact that it may take me a good 12 years to get to the point where he's at, but that is neither here nor there.  Sweatpants has set the mark and he has set it high!  So if you know what's good for you I suggest you do the following things to make your life and your ElectroHell rootsness go up ten fold:

1.) Listen to and download Sweatpants' New Mix Tape entitled:  
The First Four Beers  (Right Click To Download)

2.)  Get your ass over to The V Lounge this Friday Night (02/05/10) to see SWEATPANTS and the rest of the Guns In The Sun and Crap DJs perform their DJ Sets amongst ElectroHell legends Classixx and Holy Ghost!  See you there and oh yeah, buy me a round or 12 while you're at it!  
3.)  Don't even think about showing up to the show (or any ElectroHell show for that matter) if you listen to Taylor Swift or any of that other Grammy bull shit!  Destroy your radio and tv!   

"Gracias" -Dean Dingo Morrison Pipe Masters 09
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