Sunday, January 17, 2010

SAH's Triple Crown Wrap Up @ Pipe

Wazzzzappp humans!?
Been a while since we last met I suppose eh?  My dearest apologies for no recent updates but I've been pretty busy focusing on several other aspects of the creative arts.  This whole last week I was busy gathering a plethora of fist pumping/mouth frothing electrohell tunes for people to froth on.  Eventually I took all these tunes, threw em in a sack, plugged in my makeshift mixer to some speakers, and frothed an opening DJ set at the Fish Co Enterprise in Santa Monica.  To my surprise, the house didn't melt down, people didn't boo us off stage, I didn't actually play any Shakira, and Party Sauce managed to pull off its first lil DJ set in front of real life humans!  Thanks to all those who made it and for those of you looking to hear some more synth heavy face melting foot stomping party tunes, drop us a line at

Anyways bradas, we all know that I disappeared for a good 2 months and took a magical journey out to the land better known as the North Shore of Oahu.  Ever since I've been back people wanna know what the hell happened to me out there?  Well words can't really describe the entire experience I had out there and I'm sick of telling the story of how the real surf ambassador put me in my place by making me crawl the boardwalk covered in tar and white feathers chanting slanderous things that shall never be repeated.  But that is neither here nor there.  Anyways, instead of retelling all of the classic stories and shenanigans  that I experienced out there, I figured I'd collect some footage and let the video speak for itself.  After a month of being lazy and finally making this video, I present to you Surf Ambassador Hendo's Triple Crown Wrap Up at Pipe, enjoy:

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