Friday, January 29, 2010

Photog Showcase #2 * Greg Byers *

They say it takes on to know one...
Let me tell you my friends, I've partied with the best of em and one thing is for certain, capturing the essence of a good party in a picture and actually evoking the feeling of being there is straight up one of the hardest things to do!  Sure anyone can take their point and shoot and take dirty photos of chicks making out, guidos flexing their delts, and innocent bystanders shunning their children's' eyes in disbelief as wild party goers do things they may or may not regret the next morning.  But to actually capture a real moment in time, a millisecond of pure ecstasy, or a debacuherous blip in this universe is truly something that not many people behind a lens can do, let alone perfect!  Fist pumping, foot stomping, beer drinking, red bull vod chugging, and party aficionados alike looking to put the pieces of a wild night back together, search no more!  I have found your next photog, he goes by the name of Greg Byers and he came to party, he came to rock!  
Putting a label on a photographer/artist is like saying Soup Plantation only has La Creme de Sum Yung Gui soup, when in reality, photographers and artists alike have no limitations to what they are capable of!  So when I say Greg is a party photographer, keep in mind that party photos and the lifestyle within that realm are just one style and genre of photography/art that he excels in.  He's also got plenty of amazing, enticing, and mind expanding landscape, lifestyle, urban, commercial, model, entertainment and countless other genre photos!  But for now lets focus on a few of the epic photos that he sent me.  

The pictures he sent me have a magical way of capturing a moment that strongly elicit an eerie feeling of party lifestyle nostalgia (at least in my mind).  I can't help but stare and ponder at these pics as a feeling of "those were the days" rushes across my mind as I remember the days of innocent youth going wild in the streets and FIDLARing (Fuck It Dawg Life's A Risk) all over the place!  The pictures make me feel like a care free rebellious adolescent grom again!  It's almost as if Greg Byers has found the only key to the fountain of youth and consistently unlocks the magic through his lens!      

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