Friday, January 29, 2010

Photog Showcase #2 * Greg Byers *

They say it takes on to know one...
Let me tell you my friends, I've partied with the best of em and one thing is for certain, capturing the essence of a good party in a picture and actually evoking the feeling of being there is straight up one of the hardest things to do!  Sure anyone can take their point and shoot and take dirty photos of chicks making out, guidos flexing their delts, and innocent bystanders shunning their children's' eyes in disbelief as wild party goers do things they may or may not regret the next morning.  But to actually capture a real moment in time, a millisecond of pure ecstasy, or a debacuherous blip in this universe is truly something that not many people behind a lens can do, let alone perfect!  Fist pumping, foot stomping, beer drinking, red bull vod chugging, and party aficionados alike looking to put the pieces of a wild night back together, search no more!  I have found your next photog, he goes by the name of Greg Byers and he came to party, he came to rock!  
Putting a label on a photographer/artist is like saying Soup Plantation only has La Creme de Sum Yung Gui soup, when in reality, photographers and artists alike have no limitations to what they are capable of!  So when I say Greg is a party photographer, keep in mind that party photos and the lifestyle within that realm are just one style and genre of photography/art that he excels in.  He's also got plenty of amazing, enticing, and mind expanding landscape, lifestyle, urban, commercial, model, entertainment and countless other genre photos!  But for now lets focus on a few of the epic photos that he sent me.  

The pictures he sent me have a magical way of capturing a moment that strongly elicit an eerie feeling of party lifestyle nostalgia (at least in my mind).  I can't help but stare and ponder at these pics as a feeling of "those were the days" rushes across my mind as I remember the days of innocent youth going wild in the streets and FIDLARing (Fuck It Dawg Life's A Risk) all over the place!  The pictures make me feel like a care free rebellious adolescent grom again!  It's almost as if Greg Byers has found the only key to the fountain of youth and consistently unlocks the magic through his lens!      

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photog Showcase #1 - Owl Bundy -

Anyone can take pictures right?  All you have to do is put your eye through a hole, aim, and fire!  Yeah and anyone can do the same damn thing by going to a fawkin glory hole on a Friday night!  Much like any art form, with photography, there's much more than meets the eye (trust me, I've tried several times to pick it up and have gotten nothing but blurry drunken images of what look like nipples but couldn't be further from such goodness).  I'm no expert on photography but it really gets me running in circles of confusion when I try to figure out how good photographers take pictures of something within reality and are then some how able to transform that reality into dream like images which elicit emotions and evoke imagination?  They must have been given some kind of key at birth which I apparently missed out on...
Anyways, to show my appreciation for one of the many arts that I have yet to figure out, I thought I'd bring you into the realm of photography by showcasing some of my most favorite photographers in the entire World (who also just so happen to be good friends of mine).  I've asked these photographers to do the impossible and send me a few of their favorite pics (a task that I'm sure could easily be related to picking your favorite wave in the World, choosing which Playboy bunny to root, or deciding what your favorite Rolling Stones song is).  Eventually, after much nail biting and brow furrowing they've sent me their beauties and now I'm sending em to you!  So hold on tight for the rest of the week, cause I've got some photos that belong in a whole other world that will surely blow your mind!   
Photog #1 - Owl Bundy -
To start things off, I'd like to introduce the oh so steezy images that belong to the eye of my good buddy Owl Bundy aka Snarf McMeoskers aka Camilo Lara Jr.

Camilo is a creative virtuoso and a multi-media visionary who paints "a dark world bright with cinematic insight".  Whether he's draped in his infamous pho-trog disguise snappin wild electro party pics, lurking behind a bush at Pipe getting the next cover shot, or shooting look book pics for a legendary hat company, Owl Bundy is most certainly a force to be reckoned with!  But don't take my word for it, check out his photos, and surely the pictures will speak for themselves...   

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crap Agenda

No, I'm not gonna give you my shitting schedule, (that would be much too easy) I'm talking about Crap Eyewear at Agenda takin ova and havin a good time!  
See for yourself strawberry shortkook!

CRAP EYEWEAR @ AGENDA '10 from Crap Eyewear on Vimeo.

If you don't know by now, Crap is da sickest sunglass fade shade company out there!  So go get yo self some Crap and see how much ass you get the second you put those puppies on your face!  Poseidon knows it worked for these people I bumped into while out in Hawaii:

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

SAH's Triple Crown Wrap Up @ Pipe

Wazzzzappp humans!?
Been a while since we last met I suppose eh?  My dearest apologies for no recent updates but I've been pretty busy focusing on several other aspects of the creative arts.  This whole last week I was busy gathering a plethora of fist pumping/mouth frothing electrohell tunes for people to froth on.  Eventually I took all these tunes, threw em in a sack, plugged in my makeshift mixer to some speakers, and frothed an opening DJ set at the Fish Co Enterprise in Santa Monica.  To my surprise, the house didn't melt down, people didn't boo us off stage, I didn't actually play any Shakira, and Party Sauce managed to pull off its first lil DJ set in front of real life humans!  Thanks to all those who made it and for those of you looking to hear some more synth heavy face melting foot stomping party tunes, drop us a line at

Anyways bradas, we all know that I disappeared for a good 2 months and took a magical journey out to the land better known as the North Shore of Oahu.  Ever since I've been back people wanna know what the hell happened to me out there?  Well words can't really describe the entire experience I had out there and I'm sick of telling the story of how the real surf ambassador put me in my place by making me crawl the boardwalk covered in tar and white feathers chanting slanderous things that shall never be repeated.  But that is neither here nor there.  Anyways, instead of retelling all of the classic stories and shenanigans  that I experienced out there, I figured I'd collect some footage and let the video speak for itself.  After a month of being lazy and finally making this video, I present to you Surf Ambassador Hendo's Triple Crown Wrap Up at Pipe, enjoy:

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

...Lost's "What Really Went Wrong?" Video Premiere TONIGHT in Venice

...Lost's "What Really Went Wrong?" Video Premiere is goin down TONIGHT in Venice. Froth it fools!
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