Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Modern Collective DVD & Myrt Shirts

The DVD we have all been waiting for is finally out!  As if the premiere and the countless times I saw this masterpiece on iTunes wasn't enough to satisfy my froth, the Modern Collective DVD comes jam packed with goodies such as a whole picture book documenting the trip, bonus features, and a pretty roots case that reads like a book!  

They've also released 2 styles of exclusive t-shirts (only 50 made) that are looking really sick and hipstery if you're into that kinda thang.  The only catch with the shirts is that they're sellin 'em for 60 bones for some reason?  Yes, I do want to support the Collective and yes, I'm sure I'd get a shit ton of ass for wearing one of these sick shirts but times are tough and I'd much rather spend 60 bux on gas to go on a surf trip than on a myrt shirt, just my 5 cents...   

So check out your local surf shop and get yourself a copy of this year's best surf video before they run out!  Poseidon knows these babies are selling like hot cakes! 
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