Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Calm After The Storm

A wise man once said "don't know what you've got till it's gone..." an even wiser man once said "abstinence ummm I mean absence makes the heart grow fonder..." but the wisest man of all once said "I want my baby back baby back baby back Chili's baby back riiiiibbbbssssss...".  You get the point.  I was gone on a rock for a good 2 months and now I'm back stronger than ever and ready to provide you all with some weird ass stories, some epic photos, and some more videos for you to froth out on!  

I learned a lot after my 2 month stint on the North Shore but more importantly I think I have finally become what people would call (don't say it!) "A Man".  Whether it was the wake up call that Pipe gave me as it devoured my board into pieces and left me walking in with my tail between my legs or the 300 lb adult entertainer Coby found on craigslist who fed us pumpkin pie and talked about post modernism; did these events contribute to my evolution?  I couldn't tell ya.   But one thing is for certain, the Ambassador is back and ready to froth, shralp, foam, root, fidlar, and myrt all over yo face!  I couldn't be any more surf stoked right now and I can't wait to pass the stoke on to each of you!    
What remains of The Ambassador Quiver after the North Shore made me drop the soap, bent me over, and slapped me silly with pickle juice!

My blinders are off and my eyes have been opened so stay tuned for some bizarre yet rad surfing news along with some classic ass music that will surely make you wana shake that thang!  
For now, get weird on this Metric 12s Remix:

Froth on!
-Surf Ambassador Hendo 

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