Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Modern Collective DVD & Myrt Shirts

The DVD we have all been waiting for is finally out!  As if the premiere and the countless times I saw this masterpiece on iTunes wasn't enough to satisfy my froth, the Modern Collective DVD comes jam packed with goodies such as a whole picture book documenting the trip, bonus features, and a pretty roots case that reads like a book!  

They've also released 2 styles of exclusive t-shirts (only 50 made) that are looking really sick and hipstery if you're into that kinda thang.  The only catch with the shirts is that they're sellin 'em for 60 bones for some reason?  Yes, I do want to support the Collective and yes, I'm sure I'd get a shit ton of ass for wearing one of these sick shirts but times are tough and I'd much rather spend 60 bux on gas to go on a surf trip than on a myrt shirt, just my 5 cents...   

So check out your local surf shop and get yourself a copy of this year's best surf video before they run out!  Poseidon knows these babies are selling like hot cakes! 
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Monday, December 28, 2009

...Electro Dome... A Bouquet of Rando!

It's been quite sometime since my last Electro Dome post and I'm sure you're all curious as to what I've been listening/first pumping to.  Instead of just dropping one song or one band, I thought I'd give you a little holiday treat and drop a whole playlist on yo ass so that you can pick and choose some of the more recent gems I've been discovering.  So without further adieu, I present you with a bouquet of rando Electro Dome!  Enjoy!

Photo by Po via Kenyadig
Electro Hell:
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

++ Rehab Lab ++ Surf Injuries

Having experienced the challenging and treacherous waves of Hawaii, I came back to Cali more surf stoked than ever and ready to straight up own the beach breaks and eel grass Cali reefs that seemed like a cake walk compared to the live coral and vana filled reefs on Da Rock, boy how wrong I was!  After completely tweaking the shit outa my back from a tail waft attempt gone wrong on a bomb, a long forgotten yet simple lesson that most surfers seldom take for granted came to mind: mother nature is a very unpredictable beast and the second you think you've got her all figured out, she'll slam you on your ass leave you in a hotel room in Chino with a rat trap on yo junk, a catfish stuck up yo ass, and three chains connecting your nipples to your tongue!  Point being, as surfers we all know that the moment our feet step in the water, we risk our body, our lives, and our health.  Even though these risks exist, it's the reward that comes with getting an unforgettable shack, landing a high ass air, or thrashing the shit out of an innocent lip that keeps us going and constantly yearning for more time and time again!         
But what happens when risk meets reality and your board slams you in the face or you air drop onto a pile of fingers at shish kabobs and you end up bruised, cut, strained, sprained, or just completely broken?  After you get serviced by a professional lead pipe cleaner, smoke some beers, or drink some ganj and the pain still persists, then it's time to see a professional and fix your body before it gets too late and you evolve into Quasimoto the Hunchback of Notre Lame!  I did a bit of research and scouring on the net and found some really helpful information on surf injuries and recovery so by the time you guys fuck up yo shit you'll have all the info just a click away for ya right here!  I've narrowed down some of the most common surf-related injuries and useful articles that pertain to such injuries below: 

Hit me up if you know of any other good articles that helped you recover from injuries, reef rash, shark bites, sting rays, or a broken heart umm I mean femur?
Anyways, as I sit here and watch shitty ass movies with an icy hot patch slapped right above my ass on my lower back wishing I could shred tomorrow, I can't help but think I wish I had written this post yesterday so I'd know in advance how to prepare my body and my shralping for injury and quick recovery.  So remember, don't be a fool, wrap yo tool!     

Big ups to Baby Sado who also suffered the wrath of Black's Beach today and got a broken nose from his board' s rail, hang in their solja boi! 

Disclaimer: Surf Ambassador Hendo is by no means a licensed physician, oracle of faith, or love doctor so don't get your panties in a wad if yo shit never heals!  There are just somethings that are beyond his control!  
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Calling All Artists!

Seeing as though my last so called "quiver" was viciously swallowed alive by the beast that is the North Shore, I've taken it upon myself to buy a new board and keep the stoke alive.  With much help from my Ohana I'll be walking outa da shop tomorrow with a brand new shred sled that will hopefully be having me boosting, tweaking, and larrying in no time!  So where do you come into play?  Well, I'm kinda bored (no pun intended) with having completely white boards like everyone else in the water and I figure it's about time I start getting some classic custom ink done to my boards again. So I'm calling out all artists far and wide to submit their sketches for what could be the next possible piece that goes on the Surf Ambassador Shred Stick!  This is Surf Ambassador Hendo's Art Romp Comp! 

For those of you familiar with my lifestyle, humor, art sense, and all around vibe I'm sure you'll have no problem coming up with some lewd genius shit that I'd be more than stoked to slap on my board.  For those of you not so familiar with the above mentioned, snoop around the blog a bit and try to grasp the essence of The Ambassador and give it a shot.  All submissions whether drawn like shit or baller will be posted on the blog and the final winner will receive not only a western grip hand job from Margo but also one of the first copies of the latest CD I've been compiling that has over 100 of the best songs featured in classic surf videos as well as some beer and a gift card for me to edit a video segment of your footage!  Now that's what I call a hell of a deal!     
Submissions can range in theme and can pretty much be of anything you freaking want!  Of course I have a bit of a bias towards submissions involving: ElectroHell, Myrles, Poseidon, Waves, California, Surf Ambassador Hendo, Skeletons, Old Skool Photography, Italian Neorealism, 57 Chevy Bel Airs, La Dolce Vita, and of course Count Chocula but do as you will for you are the artist!  Once the winner has been picked, the art shall be transfered onto da shred sled and the prize pack shall be frothed to da victor!

Send all submissions to and put email subject as "ART ROMP COMP"
May the best man or myrt win!  
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The Calm After The Storm

A wise man once said "don't know what you've got till it's gone..." an even wiser man once said "abstinence ummm I mean absence makes the heart grow fonder..." but the wisest man of all once said "I want my baby back baby back baby back Chili's baby back riiiiibbbbssssss...".  You get the point.  I was gone on a rock for a good 2 months and now I'm back stronger than ever and ready to provide you all with some weird ass stories, some epic photos, and some more videos for you to froth out on!  

I learned a lot after my 2 month stint on the North Shore but more importantly I think I have finally become what people would call (don't say it!) "A Man".  Whether it was the wake up call that Pipe gave me as it devoured my board into pieces and left me walking in with my tail between my legs or the 300 lb adult entertainer Coby found on craigslist who fed us pumpkin pie and talked about post modernism; did these events contribute to my evolution?  I couldn't tell ya.   But one thing is for certain, the Ambassador is back and ready to froth, shralp, foam, root, fidlar, and myrt all over yo face!  I couldn't be any more surf stoked right now and I can't wait to pass the stoke on to each of you!    
What remains of The Ambassador Quiver after the North Shore made me drop the soap, bent me over, and slapped me silly with pickle juice!

My blinders are off and my eyes have been opened so stay tuned for some bizarre yet rad surfing news along with some classic ass music that will surely make you wana shake that thang!  
For now, get weird on this Metric 12s Remix:

Froth on!
-Surf Ambassador Hendo 

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Greg Long Wins The Eddie!

San Clemente big wave charger Greg Long took the bull by the horns today, sacked up, and charged some huge death bombs at Waimea and took the gold for the Eddie Aikau comp today!
Props to all the other boyz charging and everyone who made the comp possible on such a glorious day!
More updates coming later...
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The Eddie IS On!

The Quicksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau is on and the live webcast is up and running!
Some of the World's best surfers are charging da Bay! Just saw Slater's 9.8 go down, quite the site to see!
Check out the Quiksilver site to watch it live. It's definitely something you won't wanna miss!

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